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Strategic plan 2018-2021

Kedge has made the choice of developing the skills of tomorrow’s leaders by giving these students the means to have a better understanding of today’s world, to master its technological, social and environmental challenges, to become enlightened players capable of having a positive impact on the world of both companies and other organisations, the economy and society as a whole. Because the vast majority of tomorrow’s professions do not yet exist, because society will no longer accept managers with no attachment to the common good, because without assimilating the technological culture, there will be no opportunity.

This innovative vision rests on 3 fundamental pillars:

The common good/Discover

Technological innovations are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Following this observation KEDGE defined the need to make the common good a linchpin of its teaching approach.

 The aim being to understand and use the potential provided by technology and to instil its students with the skills useful to the 21st century leaders who will ensure the greater good of our societies.

 Understanding humanity, emotions and philosophy make it possible to develop relational intelligence, leadership, soft skills, the ability to work as a group and to pass on knowledge. In all its programmes, the KEDGE mission goes beyond the purely professional to incorporate the sharing of values that are today primordial in a society increasingly governed by technology. To help individuals and organisations achieve a balanced transformation where technology does not trample humanist and ethical values, KEDGE offers a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary approach to CSR issues.

Tech management/Decode

KEDGE develops the digital skills of both its students and client companies to enable them to seize the opportunities associated with shifts in technology.

Students are able to benefit from hybrid lessons and courses to foster their digital culture and thus guarantee their employability, thanks to the integration of:

  • MOOCs
  • Off the shelf courses
  • Coding lessons

And in partnership with the market leaders: Coursera, Le Wagon, Vodeclic and Crossknowledge.


KEDGE is currently positioned as one of the 10 best business schools for revealing, connecting and developing entrepreneurship.

On all its campuses, 100% of KEDGE students mount an entrepreneurship Pro-Act (project action).

KEDGE entrepreneurship (hypertext link), the start-up incubator: Business Nursery (hypertext link) and the start-up accelerator: Business Accelerator (hypertext link), is intended for students with a solid well-structured project. For KEDGE it is important to generate opportunities for start-up creation by putting students in touch with its experts and partners. Centres dedicated to entrepreneurship on each of our sites make up part of the ecosystem where the school’s R&D meets businesses and entrepreneurs. In a cross-disciplinary setting where those who currently populate the business landscape mingle with those who will be joining them tomorrow, we create the conditions to invent, innovate, transform and support change.

 KEDGE is committed to ensuring that 100% of its community has a comprehensive understanding of these three lines of action.

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