Regional roots and networks

We deploy dynamic initiatives across the board with the aim of building a better future.

Connecting communities to share practices and ideas

If you want to go faster, walk alone, if you want to go further: walk together

African proverb

In just a few years, the school has not only organised its own sustainable development deployment strategy but has also contributed to national and international projects which are progressively contributing to the worldwide adoption of sustainable development in the higher education sector.

The recognition the school derives from this is down to the hard work of many internal and external stakeholders and participants.

Each student project, each research chair, each social or environmental initiative, and each exemplary career by our graduates helps build the recognition we enjoy today.

With the Wellness Team, CSR contacts, members of associations and student projects, thousands of people are today involved in projects which together comprise the “KEDGE heritage”.

The CSR management team seek to be a catalyst, forging connections between the various stakeholders involved in this theme. The faculty, partner companies, student associations, assessment and reference bodies, international, national and regional stakeholders all help to build a dynamic and very active CSR network.


As part of our CSR policy and strategy, the school has introduced a system of CSR contacts in each of the school’s departments and each of the 47 student associations at KEDGE BS. This network makes it possible to organise and publicise actions.


Association life is particularly active in all areas related to CSR: On the Marseille campus, Unis-terre (France’s largest humanitarian association) has 200 members and is involved in 17 local or international social and environmental projects.

5 other associations are actively working for sustainable development on the different campuses: Phoenix and BTC, on equal opportunities; Solid’Earth, on international solidarity; Diambars which uses sport to promote education; SimONU which organises UN simulations and Zest which works to promote wellness among students.

Our students also work closely with the REFEDD (the “Réseau des Etudiants Français pour le Développement Durable” or network of French students for sustainable development)


Our alumni network also includes communities of professionals who are working to build a sustainable world. Some of these have been organised as “former students of the Campus Durable association” which meets each month to stay in touch and to continue learning from one another.


We facilitate and support dialogue and debate between educators, students, companies, the government, consumers, the media, civil society organisations and other interested groups, exploring critical issues related to global social responsibility.


graduates worldwide


partner companies

more than € 500 K

awarded as grants by KEDGE and its foundation

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