The quality of our research stems from the skills and the unique careers of each of our teaching staff.

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Research at KEDGE: expertise and international recognition

Although everyone is naturally aware of our role in the circulation of skills, one of our missions is also to help science move forward. Academic excellence and international prominence are just some of the challenges inherent to the business school’s development strategy.

The quality of KEDGE's research stems from the skills and the unique careers of each of our teaching staff. Their intellectual contributions form part of a never-ending quest to take science forward and to ensure the success of the different stakeholders in the company. This can also be seen through the teachers’ interest in working closely with public authorities and local authorities.

An indicator of the school’s level of excellence: 429 articles are listed in the CNRS rankings. More specifically, 15% of the academic output is related to sustainable development.

However, research involves more than just publishing academic articles. The school’s ambition is to see the skills and know-how of its teachers having an impact on both the teaching and its content, and also on the practices of companies and of all economic and social stakeholders.

The expertise of our teaching staff is also disseminated by means of organised conferences, contracts with companies or the publication of specialised works and manuals.

Finally, involving almost 200 teachers and more than 12,000 students, our research policy is a long-term and geographically far-reaching affair. Our teachers’ academic output and achievements have already resonated far beyond France’s borders. We are now recognised internationally in our key fields such as CSR, which is today a separate area of expertise in its own right. KEDGE’s across the board approach to sustainable development has resulted in numerous research projects and publications in other disciplines too, including alternative financing and responsible procurement, etc.


We perform conceptual and empirical research enabling us to better understand the role, dynamics and impacts of companies in the creation of sustainable social, environmental and economic values.


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CSR centre of excellence - target KPI for 2020

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