Social policy

At KEDGE we firmly believe that aspects such as wellness, diversity, personal fulfilment, the right balance between people’s private and working lives and the meaningful nature of the work contribute directly to companies’ overall performance.

Encouraging equal opportunities and equal treatment

KEDGE: “best place to work, best place to learn”

To make human potential an asset, equal opportunities, diversity, wellness and student initiatives are central to KEDGE’s plans.

Being among the world’s best schools means that we have certain responsibilities. Choosing to be an elite school means choosing to train the best people, regardless of their social background, their religion, their gender or of course their disability status. If we want to avoid the risk of being involuntarily labelled as a “caste” school simply replicating oligarchic systems, each day we need to be seeking to be as socially representative as possible. This applies for people from disadvantaged backgrounds but also for those with disabilities.


KEDGE has created and implemented a prevention system for students. A support unit comprised of volunteer staff and psychologists is available to students who feel they need this: whether you’re feeling down, depressed, in a crisis situation or isolated, any kind of difficulties can be discussed with the team, whether this is a harmless, one-off problem or a chronic or more serious difficulty.

At the same time, activities to prevent health problems and promote wellness are proposed throughout the academic year. The aim of this initiative is twofold: to prevent risks and to develop individual, academic and professional performance. Wellness is above all a philosophy of living. The concept means 'a personal feeling of well-being', and is therefore a global state of health.

The HandiKAP scheme

Guaranteeing access to training for disabled students is one of KEDGE Business School’s priorities. This commitment was formally confirmed with the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles via the "HandiKAP” Charter.
HandiKAP is a scheme enabling disabled students to have access to education under the best possible conditions, to receive support with their career choices and to be assisted with their professional integration.

Details of the support and follow-up work proposed by KEDGE BS and a full range of useful contact details or information are available in the HandiKAP guide.


KEDGE encourages cultural and social inclusiveness

The school has created a complete support solution aimed at breaking down social and financial barriers to accessing its courses: KAP-Kedge Access Programme.

This is a support program to help high potential students, from their integration through to their life after graduation. In total: 16 projects supported by the school’s associations help almost 1200 young people to overcome material and psychological barriers, helping them to get the most from their personal and professional lives.

On the Marseille campus, two student associations work to promote social inclusiveness: Phoenix and Diambars. More than 100 mentors support more than 300 pupils from schools and high schools through 12 equal opportunities projects, 3 of which are covered by the “Cordées de la réussite” label.


Our academic activities, curricula and organisational practices incorporate the values of global social responsibility as described in international initiatives such as the United Nations global compact.

€ 454 K

of grants paid by KEDGE to 310 beneficiary students in 2017


in 2017, 1.81% in 2016: the employment rate of disabled students


women - 51% men: employee gender breakdown


women - 40% men: employee gender breakdown


international staff

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