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Kedge Master Tour World debate - What are the main subject for sustainability in Wine industries and wine making

Online Event completed

This event co-organised by Campus France and Kedge will adress the issues related to Future & sustainability of Wine Industry. Join us the 13th of April from 11am to 12am French time to participate in this event.

Live session : Kedge & Campus France

If you are interested in the wine industry, do not miss this opportunity to hear about the different challenges the wine industry has to adress to improve its sustainability in this constantly changing environment.

This live debate will give you a better understanding of the importance of sustainability today, especially in the wine sector. Find more information about our wine industry related insights on our website. 

Kedge Wine School

Kedge offers different programmes related to the wine industry of which:

MSc - Wine and Spirits management MSc Wine & Hospitality Management


Bachelor Wine Specialisations
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