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Live Campus Channel ISLI

online From 15:00

LIVE with Dominique Estampe, director of the MSc ISLI - Global Supply Chain Management on Campus Channel to answer your questions.

KEDGE Business School passes its grand oral on Campus Channel!

Dominique Estampe, MSc Director ISLI - Global Supply Chain Management will answer all your questions about MSc ISLI: opportunities, curriculum, highlights of the training.

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The Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management aims at preparing individuals to confront the challenges of a new era of managers. It focuses on global supply chain approaches and methodologies, but also fundamentals, managerial and technical basics for instance. Kedge insists on the in-company supply chain consultancy project and the proximity with the business world. Students could also obtain professional certification in Supply Chain Management: SCOR Certification from APICS Supply Chain Council.

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