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MBA Master Class: Geostrategy

Marseille From 09:00 to 18:00

To learn more about what the Kedge Global MBA programme entails, we are pleased to invite you to a Free One-Day Master Class.

This opportunity will give you an insight into the organisation of our programme as well as provide you an excellent opportunity to exchange with our active participants and faculty.

Taught by Bernard Dreyer

From 9.00 AM TO 6.00 PM (Lunch break with participants)

The Master Class: Geostrategy

Courses and Purposes

Global approach of geopolitics of Mediterranean area (including Black Sea) and Africa: The zone of worst gap in human development, the non-Mediterranean actors, oil and gaz (keyfactors for silent or open confrontations), Turkey’s role. Global approach of geopolitics of Asia: Historical trends and actor, today's economic integration agreements, political cooperation organizations, oil and gaz resources and transport, perceptions (Russian containment, Chinese containment), conflictuality in Asia, French and EU asiatic policies.

About Bernard Dreyer

Bernard A.M. Dreyer is Sworn Shipbroker and CEO of Sudclearance (Shipbroker). He also operates A.C.I. (International Trade and Transports Consultancy), has served as a Consultant to the World Bank & SFI, to the EU Commission (DGTREn), and to the Consulting Council for the Gerson Lehrman Group, NYC. In his earlier career, he served as Chairman and CEO of large French transport companies and deputy General Manager of a transnational transport company. In addition to lecturing at Schools worldwide, he also serves or has served in senior board positions for various organizations, including: executive Vice-Pdt of French National Organization of Sworn Shipbrokers, Vice-Pdt of Institut Méditerranéen des Transports Maritimes. He holds a business degree from IECS Strasbourg, a C.E.S. in German language, a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Trade, from CECE and a Post-Graduate in Military studies from IHEDN . He has published several books and numerous articles in international publications, including recent articles on Incoterms and on the influence of China in Africa.



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