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MBA Master Class: Geostrategy and Geoeconomics

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To learn more about what the Kedge Global MBA programme entails, we are pleased to invite you to a Free One-Day Master Class taught by Laurent Estachy.

This opportunity will give you an insight into the organisation of our programme as well as provide you an excellent opportunity to exchange with our active participants and faculty.

Taught by Laurent Estachy

From 9.00 AM TO 6.00 PM (Lunch break with participants)

The Master Class: Geostrategy and Geoeconomics

Courses and Purposes

This module proposes an in-depth analysis of the complex interactions between macroeconomics, financial markets, foreign affairs and government’s geo-economic strategic decisions. A specific emphasis will be put on the recent developments of the economic and financial globalization, viewed not only as a driving force of cooperation among states and economic agents, but also as a central field of international tensions and conflicts. Consequently resulting international shifts of power are deeply impacting corporate strategies all around the world. The module is organized around 3 main topics: the international monetary system, global energy issues and global trade issues.It integrates ideas from political science, history, macroeconomics and finance, employed to enrich an in-depth understanding of the new international geopolitical order.

About Laurent ESTACHY

Pr Estachy is Associate Professor at Kedge Business School, specialised in macroeconomics and international finance. His research focuses on the interactions between geopolitics and global capital markets and on the emergence of market conventions in the stock, bond or foreign exchange markets. He began his career in commercial banking at Credit Lyonnais Intal Headquarters and at BNP (Dublin & Paris). He later worked in the Treasury & Foreign Exchange dealing room of BNP in Paris, joining first the FX spot trading desk and then being in charge of a portfolio of multinational corporations. He then was VP at Rabobank-Paris. He holds a PhD in Macroeconomics and International Finance and an Executive MBA from HEC.


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