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MBA Master Class: Leadership across cultures

Marseille From 09:00 to 18:00

To learn more about what the Kedge Global MBA programme entails, we are pleased to invite you to a Free One-Day Master Class.

This opportunity will give you an insight into the organisation of our programme as well as provide you an excellent opportunity to exchange with our active participants and faculty.

Taught by Kathleen Dameron

From 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM (Lunch break with participants)

The Master Class: Leadership across cultures

Courses and Purposes:

There is a long on-going debate on whether: Leaders are born OR leaders are made, Leadership is situational OR some people are leaders whatever the situation, Leadership is culturally sensitive OR leadership goes across cultures, Leadership is ONLY at the top of the organization OR leadership is found THROUGHOUT the organization.

This course aims to explore all sides of the leadership literature, yet we believe that the statements in BOLD correspond to what we observe in global leadership at the moment. Participants will become familiar with the main topics and points of view on leadership then decide which are closest to their particular experience and finally be given a framework to think about their global leadership development path. This course aims also to bring together Leadership and the Multicultural dimension in very practical, typical business situations.

About Kathleen DAMERON

American by birth and a French national, Kathleen founded her intercultural management intervention firm, KD Conseil in 1992, to assist organisations in improving the intercultural effectiveness of employees who work in an international environment, and in multi-cultural teams. Kathleen is an executive coach for senior & middle managers. She has taught executive programs since 1997 at Essec Business School. Kathleen is certified in the Systemic Consulting Approach, Professional Coaching, Multicultural Training, Team Management Systems©, Success Insights©, International Profiler, Situational Leadership II© and is a NLP Master.  

(Free Entry – Limited Places Available)

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