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Towards Mutuality of Impact : Marseille – 14-18 May 2018

Marseille From 10:00 to 18:00

Conference registration is open

« Global Responsibility, Now !, 14 to 18 may 2018

All over the world, faculty, administrators, learning facilitators and students have developed initiatives at local, regional and international levels to help transform society, business and education.

These initiatives have generated positive energy and goodwill, inspired further actions and innovations and achieved undeniable successes. However the collective impact of these initiatives still somehow falls short of the deep transformation required at individual and collective level to make the change sustainable.

  • What kind of change maker and initiative is required to accelerate and deepen the level of change desired?
  • How may existing and emergent initiatives with a shared sense of purpose converge and align to better tackle the systemic issues faced?
  • Ultimately — how may change makers and change initiatives work beyond the ego and achieve mutualistic symbiosis?

Networks and initiatives from around the globe, with representation at various levels — local student organisations, regional interest groups, international partnerships and UN-level initiatives — will convene 14–18 May and move towards accelerating systemic impact.

Some of the groups include:

  • Conférence des Grandes Ecoles R2D2
  • Deans & Directors Cohort
  • Business School Rating Prototype
  • Global Alliance, HESI and the SDG Accord
  • SDG Transformation Forum
  • AIM2Flourish working group
  • Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS)
  • PRME France Benelux Chapter
  • The Sulitest Governance body
  • Campus durable

Join the movement in Marseille to explore and develop personal, collective and systemic change towards globally responsible impact.

More information and registration on the website:

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