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Webinar MSc Arts & Creative Industries Management

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Register for our free webinar, dedicated to the MSc in Arts & Creative Industries Management, 23 January: (French time)

Interested in a career in the Arts & Creative Industries Management?


Claire GRELLIER is the Professor Associate of the Arts and Creative Industries Programme. She will introduce you to our specialised programme and share with you her deep knowledge of the industry. With Claire Lamoureux, they will guide you through the recruitment process, what you should expect during this year at the MSc Arts and Creative Industries Programme and your future as Manager in the creative industries.

They will answer all your questions about the programme and the admission process.


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Since 2004, thanks to the expertise of our Creative Industries Research Center, KEDGE has enabled students to specialise in Management of Arts, Cinema, Music, Fashion, Luxury, Tourism... France is unique in what concerns cultural heritage and its lively creative sector. The new MSc in Arts & Creatives Industries Management offers immersive pedagogy; it draws on research and practitioners expertise, using methods such as on-site courses in creative organizations, workshops, study trips…

Discover the MSc Arts & Creative Industries Management

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