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Webinar MSc Wine & Spirits Management

online From 11:00 to 18:00

Register for our free webinar, dedicated to the MSc in Wine & Spirits Management, 4 February: 11am or 5 February 6pm (French time), depending on your time zone

Interested in a career in the Wine & Spirits business ?

« At the Kedge Wine & Spirits Academy, we rely on an experienced education team which has a fine understanding of the current issues, on our researchers, on our network, our strong relationships with the key players of the trade, in Bordeaux and elsewhere, to pass on knowledge and develop analytical skills. »

Isabelle Dartigues Education Manager and Jeremy Cukierman, Master of Wine, the new director of our Wine and Spirits Academy, will introduce you to our specialised programme and share with you their deep knowledge of the industry. They will guide you through the recrutment process, what you should expect during this year at the Wine and Spirits Management Academy and your future as Manager in the wine world.

They will answer all your questions about the programme and the admission process. The 4th February: Jeremy Cukierman, the 5th February, Isabelle Dartigues.

Register now and get a notification to join the live (take 5 extra minutes to install the application on your smartphone or tablet)

Register 4 February 11am (Paris Time)

Register 5 February 6pm (Paris Time)

Designed by international experts both in management and in the knowledge of wine and spirits, the programme perfectly meets the current industry needs.

Discover the MSc Wine & Spirits Management

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