Dominique ESTAMPE

Operations Management & Information Systems

Directeur ISLI

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Professor in Supply Chain Management and Director of the ISLI Programme at KEDGE Business School, Dominique Estampe holds an Engineering Diploma from the Bordeaux Electronic Engineering School and a PhD in Engineering Science from Ecole Centrale Paris. He is the author of several publications on supply chain processes and performances and the Co-Editor in Chief of the Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal as well as Logistique & Management, a French refereed journal. He is President of the Association for Research in Logistics & Supply Chain Management AIRL-SCM and a member of the Executive Board of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Association (ASLOG). He was a senior consultant in reengineering processes and implementation of information systems for a multinational company and has worked for many European companies as a consultant in operations management.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    Estampe D., Babai Z. (2017). John T. Mentzer : Une vision systémique et stratégique du supply chain management. in O. Lavastre, Valentina Carbone, Blandine Agéron (Dirs.), Les grands auteurs en logistique et supply chain management. Cormelles-le-Royal : EMS, coll. Grands auteurs. 456 p. 2017 Chapter
    ESTAMPE Dominique, Supply Chain Performance and Evaluation Models, London: Wiley-ISTE Ltd, December 2014, 160 pages 2014 Book
    Dominique ESTAMPE, Performance de la Supply Chain et modèles d'évaluation, London : ISTE-Editions, 136 p., janvier 2015, ISBN 978-1-78405-022-1 2015 Book
    Y. BENRQYA ; Dominique ESTAMPE ; B. VALLESPIR ; Mohammed Z. BABAI, “Impact of Product Characteristics on Distribution Strategy Selection”, Supply Chain Forum: an International Journal, vol. 15 n°3, November 2014, pp. 38-50 2014 Refereed Article
    ESTAMPE, Dominique ; LAMOURI, Samir ; PARIS, Jean-Luc ; BRAHIM-DJELLOUL, Sakina. “A framework for analysing supply chain performance evaluation Models”, International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 142, n°2, April 2013 2013 Refereed Article
    Sakina BRAHIM-DJELLOUL, Dominique ESTAMPE, Samir LAMOURI. « Real-time information management in supply chain modeling tools », International Journal of Services Operations and Informatics, vol. 7, n°4, 2012 2012 Refereed Article
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