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Dr Fanny Salignac is an Assistant Professor in Strategy at Kedge Business School (Bordeaux Campus). She is also an Affiliate Researcher at the Centre for Social Impact. Driven by her passion for social justice and equality, Fanny aims to be a catalyst for change and global social impact.

In her research, Fanny works towards understanding how to address complex social problems and the processes that create a better society (e.g. partnerships, collaboration and co-production). Her expertise spans across areas of Social Change, Impact and Policy; as well as Business Ethics, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. Her work to date has focused primarily on financial resilience and wellbeing, collaboration for social impact and outcomes evaluations.

In her teaching, Fanny strives to support and accompany students through their learning journey to become leaders of social change. For over 10 years, she has brought topics such as Business Ethics and Social Impact to business students – her experience spans across the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Prior to joining Kedge Business School, Fanny worked at the Centre for Social Impact, University of New South Wales, Australia – where she won the 2016 UNSW Business School UN PRME Excellence in Teaching Award. Fanny has a PhD in International Business (Business Ethics) from The University of Sydney.

Research fields: social impact, social change, social policy, corporate social responsibility, business ethics

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
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