Frank PONS


Full Professor, Laval University- Canada, Affiliate Professor Kedge Business School

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    Recent publications
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    Omid, M., Pons, F, and Zins, M. (2016). “Satisfaction with touristic destinations and service offering : What makes consumers tick?”, International Journal of Service Technology and Management, Forthcoming 2016 Refereed Article
    Pons F, Giroux M, Mourali M, Zins M. (2016 Mar.) The relationship between density perceptions and satisfaction in the retail setting: Mediation and moderation effects. Journal of Business Research, 69(2), 1000-1007. 2016 Refereed Article
    Pons, F., Giroux, M., & Haurat, F. (2014) Evenements et spectacles sportifs : etat des lieux des strategies de segmentation. Gestion, Vol. 38, No. 4, 16-26. 2014 Refereed Article
    Pons, F, Giroux, M., & Mourali, M. (2014) The Density-Satisfaction Relationship Revisited: The role of Scarcity and Consumers’s Affective reactions in Crowded Retail Situations. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol 21, Issue 1, 54-60. 2014 Refereed Article
    Giroux, M., Grohmann, B., & Pons, F. (2012) Activating Multiple Facets of the Self: Identity-Signaling and Brand Personality. Advances in Consumer Research, 2012 Refereed Article
    Giroux, M. Pons, F., & Richelieu, A. (2013) Consumers' Attachment to Strong Global and Local Brands: Towards a Better Understanding of the Process. International Journal of Business and Globalisation, 2013 Refereed Article
    Pons, F., & Souiden, N. (2012). Comment minimiser les effets négatifs des rappels de produits ? Gestion: Revue Internationale de Gestion, Vol. 37, No. 1, 26-35. 2012 Refereed Article
    Souiden, N., Pons, F., & Mayrand, M.E. (2011) Marketing High-Tech Products in Emerging Markets: The Differential Impacts of Country Image and Country-of-Origin’s Image on Consumers’ Uncertainty, Aspiration, and Purchasing Intention. Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol 20, No. 5, (pp. 356-367). 2011 Refereed Article
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    Souiden, N., et Pons, F. (2011) “Marketing High-Tech Products in Emerging Markets: The Differential Impacts of Country Image and Country-of-Origin’s Image on Consumers’ Uncertainty, Aspiration, and Purchasing Intention”. Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol 20, issue 5, pp 219-228. 2011 Refereed Article
    Richelieu, A. et Pons, F. (2009). “If brand equity matters, where is the brand strategy? A look at the National Hockey League (NHL)”, International Journal of Sports Marketing and Management, Vol 5 (1), pp 34-45. 2009 Refereed Article
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