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Maarouf Ramadan holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Management Sciences at the Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan, he is an assistant professor at KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL Marseille. His doctorate was followed by a post-doc at the SME Research Institute in Trois-Rivières, Canada where he developed research on the internationalization of SMEs.

He is the author of numerous books, articles published in academic journals and papers in conferences on the internationalization of enterprises, international entrepreneurship and corporate finance, particularly during the seed phase. He conducts part of his research in close collaboration with the French Federation of Business Angels in order to show their practices of support to start-ups in France and their driving role for innovation.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    Ben Slimane, S. & Ramadan. M. (2017) Le système national d’innovation dans les pays du Maghreb : entre failles structurelles et besoin de coordination et de gouvernance appropriées. Innovations, Vol. 53, No. 2, 105-127. 2017 Refereed Article
    Mejri, I. & Ramadan, M. (2017) Internationalisation des PME technologiques dans une économie en transition : le rôle des réseaux sociaux et d’affaires. Marché et Organisations, Vol. 28, No. 1, 59-79. 2017 Refereed Article
    Levratto, N., Ramadan, M. & Tessier, L. (2017) ‪Les « business angels », révélateurs, plus que moteurs, de l’engagement des entreprises dans l’innovation‪. Revue d'Economie Industrielle, Vol. 157, No. 1, 103-140. 2017 Refereed Article
    Mejri, I, & Ramadan, M. (2017) Network relationship and internationalization in Tunisian high-tech SMEs. Global Business & Organizational Excellence, Vol. 37, Issue 1, 39-47. 2017 Refereed Article
    Mejri, I. & Ramadan, M. (2016). Capital social, connaissances et identifications d'opportunités entrepreneuriales dans un processus d'internationalisation: Cas de la Tunisie. Revue Marché et Organisations, Forthcoming 2016 Refereed Article
    Ramadan M. et Levratto N. (2016). The Internationalization of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises in the Maghreb :  A Study of Moroccan SMEs. Global Business and Organizational Excellence.Volume 35, Issue 5, July/August 2016, Pages: 44–57 2016 Refereed Article
    Ramadan M. et Levratto N. (2015). L’internationalisation des PME méditerranéennes. Éléments d’analyse à partir des PME marocaines. In L'entrepreneuriat transméditerranéen : les nouvelles stratégies d'internationalisation, Paris, IRMC-Karthala, sous la direction de Sylvie Daviet. 2015 Chapter
    Ramadan M. (2015). Internationalization Process of Innovative SMEs in Lebanon: An Analysis with a Conceptual Model. In Luisa Cagica Carvalho « HandBook of Research on Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Innovation in the Global Economy », IGI Global USA. 2015 Chapter
    Ramadan, M. & Levratto, N. (2011) Conceptualisation de l'internationalisation des PME: une application au cas du Liban, Revue Internationale des PME, Vol. 24, No. 2, 71-106. 2011 Refereed Article
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