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Pr. Patrick Leoni is a Professor of Finance at Kedge Business School. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Minnesota in 2003, and he held research positions in Zurich, Venice and Dublin.
Pr Leoni is on the board of eight scholastic journals. He has penned five books, and he has over 30 publications in leading journals in Finance, Economics, Psychology and Mathematics. He also received several awards for his research and teaching.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    Patrick Léoni, "Can Patent Duration Hinder Medical Innovations?" International Journal of Health Economics and Management, Forthcoming 2016 Refereed Article
    Leoni, P. (2015) Market Crashes and Collective Rationality. Globeedit 2015 Book
    Lundtofte, F. & Leoni, P. (2014) Growth forecasts, belief manipulation and capital markets. European Economic Review, Vol. 70, 108-125. 2014 Refereed Article
    Leoni, P. (2014) Learning in General Games with Nature's Moves. Journal of Applied Mathematics, Vol 2014, 1-9. 2014 Refereed Article
    Leoni, P. (2013) HIV/AIDS and Banking Stability in Developing Countries. Bulletin of Economic Research, vol. 65, issue 3, 225-237. 2013 Refereed Article
    Leoni, P. (2013) Survival in Cournot games. Journal of Mathematical Economics, Vol. 49, Issue 5, 429-434. 2013 Refereed Article
    Lagoarde-Segot, T. & Leoni, P. (2013) Pandemics of the poor and banking stability. Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 37, issue 11, 4574-4583. 2013 Refereed Article
    Jawaki, F. & Leoni, P. (2012) Nonlinearity, Cyclicity and Persistence in Consumption and Income Relationships: Research in Honor of Melvin J. Hinich. Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 16, 376-393. 2012 Refereed Article
    Leoni, P. (2012) Rational expectations and monopolistic trades. Journal of Economics, Vol.107, No. 2, 129-140. 2012 Refereed Article
    Leoni, P., & Luchini, S. (2011). Designing the financial tools to promote universal access to AIDS care. Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 30, (2011), 181-188. 2011 Refereed Article
    Leoni, P. (2011). Psychological determinants of occurrence and magnitude of market crashes. Economic Modelling, Vol. 28 (2011), 2190-2196. 2011 Refereed Article
    Leoni, P. (2011). The Antagonism Of Push And Pull Strategies, And The Current Funding Campaigns To Fight Orphan Diseases. Social Science & Medicine, 72-2, 202-205. 2011 Refereed Article
    Leoni, P. (2010). Managerial Methods to Control Derivatives Losses. In C.V. Karsone (Ed.), Finance and Banking Developments, (pp. 179-184). New York: Nova Science Publishers. 2010 Chapter
    Leoni P "Economic Challenges in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS" Nova Science Publishers 2010 2010 Book
    Leoni, P. (2010). Regulatory Practices and the Impossibility to Extract Truthful Risk Information. International Journal of Business, 15-3, 271-287. 2010 Refereed Article
    Leoni, P. (2010).Beliefs, learning and economic behaviour. Sarrebruck: Lambert Publishing 2010 Book
    Leoni, P. (2010). Downside Risk of Derivative Portfolios with Mean-Reverting Underlyings. The IUP Journal of Financial Risk Management, VII-3, 47-56. 2010 Refereed Article
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