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Roland BEL

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Roland Bel is Associate Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Kedge BS since January 2007. Engineer in Computer Science from ENSIIE Paris and graduate from ESSEC business school (Paris), he holds a MBA from the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Sydney, where he taught courses in Economics and Strategy in 2005-2007, for the Master of Business and Master of International Business programs. 

Before joining the academic world, he pursued an international business career for more than 20 years, in Europe, the USA and Asia, in companies such as ESSO, Hewlett-Packard, Schneider Electric and MGE UPS Systems. He occupied management positions mostly in Marketing and Strategy, and a large part of his career was devoted to the development of new products and services, implementation of innovation processes and organizations, and elaboration of innovation strategies. Lately, he occupied general management positions in the US and in Asia/Pacific, and participated to one of the largest LBO/MBO in France. Most of his professional experience was acquired in the information technology and electronics/electrical equipment sectors.

Dr. Bel’s research interests are in the area of the theory of organizations, international strategy and innovation, with a focus on the scope of the firm, the rationalization of hybrid organizations, and the impact of innovation strategies on firm performance. He has published articles in journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Economic Modelling, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Economics Letters, Economics Bulletin, or Global Business and Organization Excellence.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    Bel, R., Smirnov, V. and Wait, A. (2018). Managing Change: Communication, Managerial Style and Change in Organizations. Economic Moldelling, 69, 1-12. 2018 Refereed Article
    Bel, R. (2018). A Property Rights Theory of Competitive Advantage, Strategic Management Journal, 39(6), 1678-1703 2018 Refereed Article
    Bel, R., Smirnov, V. and Wait, A. (2016) ''Spoiling synergy'', Economics Letters, 143, pages 80-83 2016 Refereed Article
    Bel, R. (2015) Innovating in China: Lessons for Global Companies. Global Business and Organizational Excellence, Vol. 34, Issue 2, 34-50. 2015 Refereed Article
    Bel, R., Smirnov, V. & Wait, A. (2015) Team composition, worker effort and welfare. International Journal of Industrial Organization, July 2015 v41, pp 1-8. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijindorg.2015.04.002 2015 Refereed Article
    Roland Bel, (2015) ''A note on asset specificity'', Economics Bulletin, Volume 35, Issue 3, pages 1645-1651 2015 Refereed Article
    Bel. R. & Wang, H. (2014) A Global Service Strategy for ZPMC (China) Case Studye Centre No. 314-217-1 2014 Case Study
    Bel, R. (2013) Innovation: Misconceptions, Trends, and Directions. Global Business and Organizational Excellence, Vol. 32, Issue 2, 71-87. 2013 Refereed Article
    Bel, R. (2013) Access, Veto, and Ownership in the Theory of the Firm. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, vol. 29, issue 4, 871-897. 2013 Refereed Article
    Bel, R., & Wang, W. (2012) Jengshi Shipyard of CSRG: Corporate Strategy of a Chinese Company, Case Studye Study European Case Studye Clearing House (ECCH) No. 312-275-1. 2012 Case Study
    Bel, R. (2010) “Leadership and Innovation: Learning from the Best” Global Business & Organizational Excellence January/February 2010 47-60 2010 Refereed Article
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