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French Touch Tour

A discovery of French know-how

The French Touch Tour is a pedagogical innovation that we launched for the first time in 2017. France is internationally renowned for certain of its industries and talents (luxury, food, aircraft, wine, tourism, etc.). The French Touch Tour is a way to make this know-how more visible among our international students who should be interested in discovering France through different pedagogical exercises. In this new project, we provide classes on our different campuses in France (Marseille, Bordeaux).

Pedagogical objectives

  • Enhance the understanding of French know-how / France as a Brand 
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of French traditions, culture, heritage
  • Introduce our international students to French history

Pedagogical means

To achieve these goals, we implement a balanced pedagogy based on conferences from professionals and academics, visits of firms, case studies, visits of cultural sites and museums. These different activities take place on our different campuses. 

Place in our curriculum

The French Touch Tour is proposed during the period of April-May. It requires a strong involvement from the students who have decided to be part of it. 

Architecture of the French Touch Tour

We develop a 3-pillar pedagogy based on a mix between experience, professional training, academic and professional conferences.

Experience teaching
  • Visits of companies
  • Visites of sites
  • ...
Professional training
  • Workshops
  • Case studies
  • ...
  • French history
  • French know how
  • ...
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