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Open Source Seminar


90 hours course in April devoted to key transversal topics:

  • 30 hours of academic classes
  • 30 hours of entreprises workshops, visits or a study trip
  • 30 hours of experiential through students projects
  • 5 credits ECTS

A choice between 7 different Open Source Seminars:

  • Doing business in global and emerging markets
  • SAP ERP Software
  • Open Innovation
  • Management crisis
  • Excellence, Luxury and "Made in"
  • Negociation game
  • Embodied leadership

2 campuses concerned: Marseille, Bordeaux
=> some places could be available for students coming from other campus

Key benefits

  • Be a pioneer of an innovative approach to learning
  • A personalized programme to suit individual ambitions & to provide a solid foundation of management experience
  • Discover new topics and be able to adapt yourself as a responsible manager
  • Be aware of international and national challenges
  • Develop your professional network
  • Experiment what you’ve learnt by learning by doing

Overview of Topics

Doing Business in Emerged and Emerging markets

This Open Source Seminar gives an overall view of the world and its changes in order to understand the specificities of new emerging markets (strengths, weakness, and risks). Students are going to discover new business opportunities and business model. To achieve this goal, an intercultu-ral approach, a geopolitical interest and an open mind are promoted.
This course discusses the typology of politi-cal economies and its application to emerging markets in an attempt to under-stand their current situations.

Campus: Marseille or Bordeaux

Language: English

SAP ERP Software

Most large companies use ERP for running their day-today activities and SAP is the worldleader on that kind of software. Hence, SAP is the backbone of many large firms and understanding SAP means un-derstanding the way these firms actually work. Therefore, we believe that having a deep understanding of SAP ERP functioning would give students an advantage on the job market.

Campus: Bordeaux or Marseille

Language: French in Marseille / English or French in Bordeaux

Open Innovation

In our global economy, this Open Source Seminar prepares students to work toge-ther with a collaborative approach. To achieve this goal, disruption thinking, new business practices and autonomy are pro-moted This seminar uses an innovative pedagogical approach by cleverly blending academic, professional web conferences and learning by doing.

Campus: Bordeaux or Marseille

Language: French or English

Negotiation Game

  • Discover the negotiation with a business case for the creation of a joint venture
  • Knowing how to structure a convincing technical argument for results
  • Know how to negotiate a price, a deadline, a resistance
  • Know how to resist a difficult buyer
  • Develop your negotiation winning temperament

Campus: Marseille

Language: French

Crisis Management

This open-source seminar analyses contexts of crises and breakdowns, which today are no longer out of the ordinary. During an inquiry process, it is encouraged to lay out multiple alternatives to help imagine possible problems and questions in an innovative and creative way. Based on innovative flipped-classroom pedagogy focused on knowledge, meaning and actions this seminar alternates in focus between academic knowledge, actions through guided projects, and company expertise.

Campus: Marseille

Language: French

Excellence, Luxury and "Made in"

This Open Source Seminar gives an overall view on Excellency using cultural insights from various strong cultures and from the local craft product to the industrial and services world combined with an interna-tional perspective. Students are going to gain skills by analyzing the levels of excel-lence and meeting professionals who have succeeded in turning a dream or a vision into a successful business.

Campus: Marseille

Language: English

Embodied Leadership

This open source seminar on liberated companies with increased responsibility presents new ways of working to respond to managerial issues. Today, the corporate world is trying to generate meaning, support, cohesion, and motivation. This quest for change and renewal goes hand in hand with a desire for happiness, including at work, which is increasingly accessible to all.

Campus: Bordeaux or Marseille

Language: English

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