The KEDGE International Summer School: Bordeaux

A Flexible Summer Programme in the Heart of Famous French Vineyards and Historic Châteaux!

Corporate and Cultural visits


Visits are carefully designed to provide participants with a look at 'real world' business contexts in France, as well as showcase the beauty and exquisite nature of the famous Bordeaux region.

Our line-up for this year is as follows*:

  • Package 1 - Supply Chain Management & Design (June 8 – 19)
    • A guided Bike tour along the Garonne river in Bordeaux  - the world’s #1 Tourist Destination according to the LA Times & Lonely Planet
    • A visit to a multinational company implementing cutting edge Supply Chain Management design techniques
  • Package 2 – Value Creation and Innovation in Marketing (June 22 – July 3)
    • A guest lecture and tour given by an international firm using innovative Marketing techniques
    • An initiation to Paddle Boarding near the famous Dune du Pyla on the Atlantic Coast
  • Package 3 – Entrepreneurship (July 6 – 17)
    • Visit incubators specialized in digital start-ups and speak to French entrepreneurs launching their own companies
    • Take a trip to the Atlantic coast for a day on the beautiful beaches and a course in stand-up paddle boarding
  • Package 4  - Wine & Tourism in France (June 22 - July 17)
    • A trip to world renowned châteaux in Saint-Emilion (a UNESCO World Heritage site)
    • Visit the Cité du Vin

* Kedge will ensure top-quality visits, though specific locations may change according to availability 

And Every programme wraps up with a Goodbye Dinner and Certificate awards ceremony in the Bordeaux city-centre, highlighting the famous French cuisine!!


Lonely Planet elected Bordeaux as the Top City in the World to travel to in 2017!

"The city of Bordeaux is among France's most exciting, vibrant and dynamic cities. In the last decade and a half, it's shed its languid, Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty) image thanks to the vision of city mayor Alain Juppé who has pedestrianised boulevards, restored neoclassical architecture, created a high-tech public transport system and reclaimed Bordeaux's former industrial wet docks at Bassin à Flots.

Half the city (18 sq km) is Unesco-listed, making it the largest urban World Heritage site; while world-class architects have designed a bevy of striking new buildings – the Herzog & de Meuron stadium (2015), decanter-shaped La Cité du Vin (2016) and Jean-Jacques Bosc bridge (2018) across the Garonne River included.

Bolstered by its high-spirited university-student population and 5½ million visitors annually, La Belle Bordeaux scarcely sleeps: think barista-run coffee shops, super-food food trucks, an exceptional dining scene and more fine wine than you could ever possibly drink. Santé!"


A Few Websites to visit

Visit the Historic (and Modern) City of Bordeaux 


Take an excursion in Vineyards 

Visit the Bassin d’Arcachon and Dune du Pilat  

Take a trip down to Biarritz 


Kedge students organise an exciting programme of social and cultural activities for international students. These optional side trips are designed to help our guests experience the French way of life… by day and by night!

Below is a tentative list of the activities planned for this year's programme:

  • Cycling in Bordeaux by night
  • Beach day at Arcachon, with surfing on the coast and a hike on the Dune du Pyla 
  • Cheese and wine tasting in great wine bars tucked away in the historic town center, 
  • Social dinners and parties in lovely outdoor terraces facing the river
  • Week end excursion and much more…
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