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Digital Summer School

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Admission level


2 courses (June 14 To June 25)

Admission level:

Advanced Bachelor
Master's degree


Certificate & Official Transcripts

2 courses (June 14 To June 25)

Every course runs for 30 hours with schedule adapted to our international students

Admission level :
Advanced Bachelor Master's degree
Degree :
Certificate & Official Transcripts
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Full time
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 June 14 - June 25

Level: Advanced Bachelor & Master

10 ECTS, 60 hours

Course 1: Entrepreneurial Business Model Design

Course Format:  1 week; from June 14- 18

The KEDGE BS Entrepreneurship Experience takes students beyond the classroom, allowing them to test their entrepreneurial ideas in real-world settings. Through course sessions, projects, and competitions, students gain the practical tools needed to start, finance, and manage their own business.

This course integrates many of the concepts, tools and practices of entrepreneurship. Students will learn to be superior opportunity assessors and shapers, to understand the integration of people and process in entrepreneurship, and specifically, how to write, articulate and present a new venture execution plan. Understand the alternatives and trade-offs in financing, starting and operating a venture, and gain a better understanding of one’s personal entrepreneurial capabilities.

Students will engage in design thinking, feasibility assessment, business assumptions customer acquisition. Students will learn how to conduct rigorous business-planning, and also how to network for resources and to be able to communicate about a new venture in a confident, articulate and effective manner.

On completion of this module, students will be able to: 

  • Identify the principal challenges of entrepreneurship
  • Use key techniques for improving the creative process
  • Understand how to identify and design a competitive advantage
  • Develop a detailed business model canvas Create and present an appealing investor/stakeholder slidedeck
  • Leverage new business tools and forms of financing
Course 2: Leadership & Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs

Course Format:  1 week; from June 21-25

The reality of starting-up a business is harsh and unforgiving; set-backs and rejection are a consistent theme.  In this context successful entrepreneurs require a mix of leadership skills, and no small measure of determination and self-confidence.  The module will help raise awareness amongst participants of ways in which they can develop their own abilities in relation to leadership skills.

The course is designed to help participants: analyse their own abilities, develop self-confidence and effective communication, analyse behaviour by understanding self-interest, understand better the perspectives of others; all these attributes contribute towards success.

On completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Review their business plans in relation to evaluation criteria of different types of investors
  • Develop & implement plans to cope with running a start-up without external investment
  • Understand a framework for analysing and improving their own leadership skills
  • Pursue further reading and self-development in relation to specific areas of leadership
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