MSc in Sustainable Change

Create positive sustainable change for individuals, organisations, and the world

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Corporate sustainability is rapidly becoming a mainstream management function. Organisations need to hire individuals who can see opportunities and work to create positive social, environmental and economic impacts.

The rise of sustainability has profound implications for the job market, creating an accelerating demand for dedicated CSR/corporate sustainability positions within companies but also in non-governmental organisations as well as the public sector.


Advisors and Analysts such as:

  • Sustainable Investment Analyst
  • Corporate Governance Analyst
  • Regional Environmental Compliance Support Worker
  • Stakeholder Relations Advisor
  • Sustainability and Environmental Representative
  • Compliance Officer

Managers such as:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Manager
  • People & Support Manager
  • Head of Fundraising and Communication
  • Head of Corporate Campaigning
  • Environmental Assessment Manager
  • Ethical Compliance Officer
  • Stakeholder Relations Manager
  • Transparency and Reputation Manager

Directors such as:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Director
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Director of Global Sustainability
  • Director of Corporate Engagement & Impact
  • Director of Philanthropic Partnerships
  • Communication Director
  • Environmental and Social Risk Leader
  • Head of Energy and Sustainability



Average global salary of sustainability professionals*


Job satisfaction: percentage of sustainability professionals who recommend a career in the sector*


The number of available sustainability positions has doubled over the last 6 years**


of large companies have seen increase in their CSR budgets over the last two years**


of large companies have seen the sustainability headcount increase over the last two years**


of CEOs agree that business success will be defined by more than financial profit***


Positions exist at local, national or international levels, within the private, public or non-profit sectors

  • Construction and property
  • Retail
  • Transport and utilities
  • Leisure
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Media
  • Banking and finance
  • Consumer goods
  • Support services
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Industrials
  • Natural resources
  • Telecoms


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**GreenBiz, 2016. State of the Profession 2016. Available online at
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