Art of living Association


The missions and dynamic of the AOC make it one of France's largest student oenological associations; it promotes the regional culture, hosts wine tasting events and gives students the opportunity to discover the Bordeaux vineyards.

The students start with a wine weekend, then attend conferences organised in partnership with the major Châteaux and climax with the famous student wine-tourism rally the Rallye des Vin’4 Heures.

Chair: Arnaud Bondoux - CONTACT ARNAUD BONDOUX 


The home port of hedonists and chefs! The KEDGE BS Bordeaux Culinary Association, Cook'It shares the best gastronomic recipes. Do you have a thirst for exoticism or regional know-how? Cook'It mixes up a multitude of flavours to delight those curious taste buds.

It organises the major Master Cook’It event and the "Une Colloc Presque Parfait" competition.

Chair: Laura Dubreuil - CONTACT LAURA DUBREUIL 

The Cannelé D'Adresses

Each year, the association publishes a free city guide listing all of Bordeaux's must-see places and promotions: the go-to directory for the best venues. Featuring all types of restaurants, bars and retailers, 40,000 copies of this guide are published each year and distributed throughout the region of Bordeaux.

Chair: Simon Rambaud - CONTACT SIMON RAMBAUD

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