Community & Student Life Association

The Student Union

The lifeblood of student life at KEDGE BS Bordeaux, the Student Union supports and enriches the campus, providing a link between the students and the School Administration. It coordinates and organises a whole host of fun activities and provides countless opportunities for students to meet, talk and get to know each other, helping everyone successfully integrate.
The Student Union co-organises the orientation seminars and the end-of-year ball.

Chair: Kévin Hendrickx - CONTACT KÉVIN HENDRICKX


With its canapés, bar, video games and even music blind tests, Ber’kail is KEDGE BS Bordeaux associative café, the perfect venue for students to relax and socialise.

Serving sandwiches, bottled drinks and coffee all day long, students are free to make use of both its table football and PlayStations.

Chair: Tom Masseau - CONTACT TOM MASSEAU  

The Board of Associations

The Board of Associations is the school's interface with the associations. It organises and highlights the associative ecosystem: co-optation, organisation of campaigns, grant awards, it is the cornerstone of associative life.

Contact: Vinciane Proto /

The Kick-Start Weekend

The KEDGE BS annual inter-association seminar. 600 campus students from Bordeaux and Marseilles meet at one of these campuses.

  • A collective work which contributes to the dynamism of KEDGE BS' associative and community life
  • 2015 edition: 44 projects submitted & 13 award-winning projects
  • A Learning by Doing educational initiative
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