CSR, Sustainable Development & Solidarity Association


This association helps young cancer patients between the ages of 15 and 29 plan for their future. Its students pledge their motivation and skills to support them during their treatment in devising a Personal Project with them right up to its completion. It is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a solidarity action with young people.

Chair: Marina Cina - CONTACT MARINA CINA


Solid’Earth works hard to defend its strong values with great conviction by raising students' awareness about international solidarity and environmental responsibility through the sale of fair trade products and ethical fashion shows to promote an alternative form of consumption.

The association also carries out several humanitarian projects in Togo, India and Nepal. The association is also in contact with local producers to supply the students with their fruits and vegetables.

Chair: Achini Withana - Tel.: +33 (0)6 19 67 93 07 - CONTACT ACHINI WITHANA 


By encouraging altruism, social commitment and the transmission of knowledge, Archim’aide promotes equal opportunities. As well as providing academic tutoring, the association aims to create links between young people by hosting a range of sports and other fun activities.

It provides private lessons and hosts various events like an orientation course to enable students to learn all about the heritage of Bordeaux.

Chair: Pierre Herquin - CONTACT PIERRE HERQUIN  


Making sport a passion, a driving force behind education, this is the Diambars motto. The association organises cultural and sports events to awaken vocations in young people from deprived areas and help them find employment.

Part of a global network, it benefits from many international connections (Senegal, South Africa, etc.).

Chair: Sofiane Mahraoui - CONTACT SOFIANE MAHRAOUI 

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