Economy and Finance Association

Aquitaine Marketing Service (AMS)

This junior enterprise has been carrying out consultancy work, studies, audits and devising business plans for external clients for over 45 years. A member of the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises (CNJE) [French National Confederation of Junior Enterprises] and recognised for the excellence of its management, the association has been ISO 9001-certified since 2004. It is the best route for all those wanting to explore the world of business.

Chair: Maxime Thevenon - CONTACT MAXIME THEVENON


The association organises a range of activities to promote links between students and the world of finance. Through trading competitions, tutoring, a weekend in the heart of a large stock market, the publication of a guide and the management of an investment club, the association makes the approach to financial markets accessible and concrete.

It also runs investment clubs.

Chair: Vincent Soave - CONTACT VINCENT SOAVE 

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