Geopolitics & Society Association

Forum Events

The KEDGE BS Bordeaux student forum organises debates and conferences on society's hot topics. Participating in Forum Events is a way to share opinions and points of view, suggest discussion topics and to enrich its cultural capital.

It also runs a journalism blog, organises Cafés Philo discussions and debate conferences with economic, political and cultural personalities on a variety of subjects like the independence of the press and the flourishing sex toy market.

Chair: Mathieu Borfiga - CONTACT MATHIEU BORTIGA 


Negotiation, meetings, international sharing... From Bordeaux to New York, London and Washington, the association takes part in worldwide Model United Nations General Assemblies, alongside the most renowned Business Schools and Universities.

Over 3000 students from all over the world come together each year at the United Nations' headquarters to take part in these simulations.

Chair: Valentin Nogray - CONTACT VALENTIN NOGRAY 

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