Sports and Leisure Association

Wax It

Flanked by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range, Aquitaine is the perfect location for winter sports. From surfing, wakeboarding, sailing and skiing to snowboarding, Wax'it encourages students to take to the sea or mountain and dedicate themselves to environmental protection. The association organises major events as part of student life such as Frisky Days (ski trip), the After School Contest (international student surfing competition, winner of the 2016 “Initiatives BDE” national competition) and a mega ramp competition. 

Chair: Jeanne Willot - CONTACT JEANNE WILLOT 


The Adrénaline ethos is all about discovery, sharing, pushing limits, thrill seeking and adrenaline rushes. With rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping and free falling the association offers a range of extreme sports all year long to all those who have a thirst for adventure.

It organises Journées de l’Extrême (JEX) extreme sports days with bungee jumping, diving and parachute jumping, and the KEDGE Beijing Express Tour (KET).

Chair: Théo Abresol - CONTACT THÉO ABRESOL 

Kedge Motor Club (KMC)

The goal of KMC Bordeaux is to prevent accidents, and promote eco-responsible driving, good humour and sharing. Providing special offers on driving lessons and MOTs, the association also organises road trips and various events for everyone on campus.

It also organises go-karting outings and road safety awareness events.

Chair: Laetitia Lefebvre - CONTACT LAETITIA LEFEBVRE 

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