Community and Student Life Associations

The Foyer

The Foyer des Elèves is the school's associative bar, a place where students can relax between lessons. 
The Foyer des Elèves also hosts various events throughout the year, the "Resto’Foyer" once every two months during the week and 3 clubbing nights a year.

Chair: Maxime Crugut - CONTACT MAXIME CRUGUT 

The Student Union

The Student Union is responsible for organising Kedge BS' events and activities and making student life more interesting both on and off campus. It organises France's biggest orientation weekend, 15 unforgettable parties, an end-of-year ball and campaigns for the Student Union candidate lists.
Representing the school's 4000 students, the Student Union also acts as the intermediary between the students and the School Administration. Students can benefit from all of the building's facilities from its landscaped terrace, sofas and games consoles to its photocopying and binding services.

Chair: Geoffrey Ljubanovic - CONTACT GEOFFREY LJUBANOVIC

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