CSR, Sustainable Development and Solidarity Associations


Diambars Med is a branch of Senegalese institute Diambars. 
It sets up social and educational projects through which pupils can discover careers in sport and culture, but also personalities and places to which they aspire. They become actors in their learning by interviewing the participants and producing films on their projects.

Chair: Marie Ghael Samb - Tel.: +33 (0)6 86 58 94 46 - CONTACT NICOLAS MIZANDJIAN

Unis Terre

Committed to humanitarian work and sustainable development, Unis-Terre carries out local and international actions for more responsible and socially-conscious development.
The association is divided into 17 projects: 

  • 7 international projects which carry out international solidarity actions like humanitarian aid, setting up schools, providing aid to disadvantaged children and financial support
  • Within 8 countries: Cameroon, Benin, Senegal, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, India and Nepal
  • 10 local projects that carry out social, environmental or entrepreneurial actions in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region: providing aid to children from disadvantaged homes, social entrepreneurship, raising awareness on disability, junior consulting on CSR, etc.

Chair: Paloma Wood - Tel.: +33 (0) - CONTACT PALOMA WOOD

Phoenix Egalité Des Chances

Phoenix aims to help young people from deprived backgrounds in four ways:

  • School tutoring sessions
  • Cultural openness (topical debates, outings, trips, etc.)
  • Orientation support and personal development support
  • Providing support to almost 250 young people aged 11 to 18

The association carries out fund raising and organises events grouping together all the supervised projects.

Chair: Megane Razafindralambo - Tel.: +33 (0)687688072 - CONTACT MAGANE RAZAFINDRALAMBO 


Rugby EuroMéditerrannée is an association whose members actively strive to make the values of rugby a means of promoting integration for the Marseilles population. Sharing, respect, team spirit and friendliness are the watchwords of this association. These values are shared and applied through a weekly educational project involving young people from deprived areas, and an organised trip to a rugby pitch during the year.

Each year, AREM organises a 7 nations tournament where amateurs and professionals compete in a weekend of beach rugby.

Chair: Guillaume Jousse - Tel.: +33 (0) - Email: guillaume.jousse@kedgebs.com


ZEST is an association whose objective is to raise awareness of and prevent various physical and psychological health and social problems faced by Kedge BS students and to promote their well-being.

The association organises various activities throughout the year:

  • Prevention stands at parties (condoms, breathalysers, first aid)
  • Cuddle therapy / animal-assisted therapy (therapy sessions using a domestic animal or pet to reduce stress)
  • First-aid training
  • HIV testing
  • Hangover Room (room where students can recover after a night out)
  • Cuddle Up Day
  • Stress management activities (Smash Up Room, seminars on stress management and public speaking), massages and sophrology.



Tel.: 06

Email: @kedgebs.com

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