Networks and Entrepreneurship Associations

Linkedge Events

Building a network is the ambition of all management school students. By organising cultural and sporting events designed to encourage exchanges between professionals and tomorrow's future managers Kedger Network enables them to do just that.

Among these events, the association organises the annual KEDGE River Cup, a sailing regatta on the Garonne river held between students and professionals.

Chair: Maxime Gault - Tel.: +33 (0)6 65 52 72 63 - CONTACT MAXIME GAULT  


Created in 1996, ACCEDE Provence Entrepreneurs benefits from 20 years of experience providing a consultancy and support service to entrepreneurs.

Its missions include:

  • Conducting market research and drafting business plans for students, job seekers and the region's micro-enterprises and SMEs.
  • Advising and supporting entrepreneurs through coaching workshops.
  • Organising “Café Créa” and other networking parties several times a year to facilitate meetings between entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Raising awareness on entrepreneurship via various events like conferences, fairs and forums in the region.

Chair: Nicolas Mizandjian - Tel.: +33(0)6 35 20 82 39 - CONTACT NICOLAS MIZANDJIAN 

Action Grand Sud

An association specialised in operational marketing, AGS works with both local micro-enterprises and large groups.
As such, its members are led to manage a diverse range of direct marketing operations throughout France like sales promotions, hostess activities and street marketing.
To do this, the different project coordinators recruit KEDGE Business School students on a daily basis, manage their client portfolio and monitor the projects closely.

Chair: Stephan Audemard - Tel.: +33(0)6 86 54 18 67 - CONTACT STEPHAN AUDEMARD 

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