Sports and Leisure Associations

The Foyer Des Elèves

The Foyer des Elèves is the school's associative bar, a place where students can relax between lessons. 
The Foyer des Elèves also hosts various events throughout the year, the "Resto’Foyer" once every two months during the week and three clubbing nights a year.

Chair: Maxime Crugut - Tel.: +33 (0)6 51 67 93 25 - CONTACT MAXIME CRUGUT 


Managed like a real company, Kallistos has two main businesses:

  • The school's official store: from design to marketing, Kallistos carries out all the stages involved in selling KEDGE BS official products in its store: mugs, power stick chargers, jogging bottoms, laptop cases, etc.
  • The central purchasing unit: Kallistos dresses the associations and the projects. The associations place many orders with Kallistos.

Chair: Mélanie Mousseux - Tel.: +33 (0)6 03 69 71 38 - CONTACT MÉLANIE MOUSSEUX 

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