The Society and The Conference Associations

The 3 societies: Student Union, Arts Society and Sports Society are elected after a month of campaigning. 35 people per list on a maximum of 2 lists compete against one another for each of these 3 societies.
The conference coordinates the associations' activities.
The Student Union

The Student Union is responsible for organising Kedge BS' events and activities and making student life more interesting both on and off campus. It organises France's biggest orientation weekend, 15 unforgettable parties, an end-of-year ball and campaigns for the Student Union candidate lists.
Representing the school's 4000 students, the Student Union also acts as the intermediary between the students and the School Administration. Students can benefit from all of the building's facilities from its landscaped terrace, sofas and games consoles to its photocopying and binding services.

Chair: Geoffrey Ljubanovic - CONTACT GEOFFREY LJUBANOVIC 

The Lumin'Arts Arts Society

Lumin’Arts is Kedge Business School's cultural and events association. As the school's Arts Society, its main role is to promote art and culture not only among students, but among the inhabitants of Marseilles and the surrounding region as well.
It raises the students' awareness about art in all its forms (dance, music, theatre, etc.), while promoting cultural heritage through the Marseilles opera houses and concert venues.
The association provides daily services like free or reduced-price entry tickets for shows and performances hosted in Marseilles or Aix, and various other activities throughout the year:

  • Sup de Star
  • Sup d’Impro
  • Trophée des arts
  • Meetings with key figures from the cultural scene

Chair: Chloé Villedieu -CONTACT CHLOÉ VILLEDIEU 

The Sports Society

Almost 200 students are actively involved in the various projects and commissions of the Sports Society making sport a central component of life at Kedge.
By offering its services to all students, it is the lifeblood of sporting activity at the school. Strengthened by its growth, the association's primary role now revolves around three main focuses: 

  • Sports management
  • The Kedge community
  • Events organisation

 Chair: Charlotte Reboul - CONTACT CHARLOTTE REBOUL

The Kick-Start Weekend

The KEDGE BS annual inter-association seminar. 600 campus students from Bordeaux and Marseilles meet at one of these campuses

  • A collective work which contributes to the dynamism of KEDGE BS' associative and community life
  • 2015 edition: 44 projects submitted & 13 award-winning projects
  • A Learning by Doing educational initiative
The Conf

The Conf is the coordinating body for KEDGE's associations, it is also a mechanism for discussing and developing KEDGE BS' associative framework on economic, legal and organisational matters. The Conf has 3 main missions:

  • Allocating the different associations the grants awarded by the school
  • Organising the schedule for the different events hosted by the associations throughout the year
  • Managing recruitments
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