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How about getting a business education in one of the top travel destinations in France? Picturesque port, steep hillsides, palm-fringed sidewalks, ancient fountains, and bustling brasseries… You are right, we are talking about Toulon, the perfect place for your management studies in France!

Student Accommodation in Toulon

The KEDGE Business School campus is located in the city centre, in the brand new neighbourhood of creativity and knowledge Chaculet across from the railway station.


Where to stay in Toulon?

As a student city, Toulon benefits from substantial demographic and economic advantages. From the picturesque harbour to the steep hillsides, it offers a wide selection of housing facilities for everyone’s taste. As the KEDGE campus is located in the very centre of the town, you should not have any problems finding student accommodation nearby. 

  • While looking for a room, studio, or residence to rent, international students prefer to be closer to the seaside and the port. That is why the Cap Brun residential area, located to the east of the town, is particularly popular. The Serinette district, further north, has got lovely private properties and residences that are less pricey for your student’s budget. The historic Mourillon district, a former fishing village, is highly praised for its accommodation with a characteristic Provençal feel. This area is known for its narrow streets and little fishermen's houses painted in a rainbow of colours. Besides, it is full of bars, pubs, and party venues, so we recommend you to search for accommodation nearby to fully enjoy the dynamism of student life! 
  • In the northern parts of the town, there are spectacular views of the Toulon harbour.  They say it is the most beautiful harbour in Europe! The slopes of Mount Faron are home to many houses, flats, and residences nestled in beautiful gardens. While you wander through the peaceful streets of this area, you may enjoy a great view of the city, read an interesting book on the hillsides, and relax after long days of management courses.
  • The town's historical centre is under ongoing renovation due to the damages caused by World War II. There have been substantial reconstruction initiatives carried out during the last few years. The main objective is to attract more youth, particularly French and international students as the region has got many schools and universities. The Haute Ville neighbourhood, located between the station and the Boulevard de Strasbourg, is popular with students from all over the world. Every year, they come here to get a high-standard education and an experience of living and studying abroad. 
    •    The town’s oldest part, the Basse Ville, or Lower Town, dates back to medieval times. This maze of meandering backstreets keeps surprising you with old fountains and modern terraced cafés. You may also search for student accommodation in the Rue des Arts area, a mini-district that surrounds the Rue Pierre Sémard and the Place de l'Equerre. It has grown into a lively swarm of galleries, artisan shops, and pubs where students like to spend their leisure time after classes.

Toulon is the main French naval base, a centre of fishing and other industries. It blends the atmosphere of a Mediterranean beach resort with the feel of a real working town. It is also one of the best cities in Provence to visit for a taste of the region's douceur de vivre and typical Provençal markets. For example, the Marché de Provence claims to be the biggest street market in the region.

It is a seaside town recognized for its natural attractions, such as parks and gardens and numerous antique fountains. It is the location for shows, concerts, and festivals. Certainly, Toulon is an excellent place to study and enjoy your student life.


Arrival information

If you arrive from abroad for your studies and have never visited Toulon or do not speak a word of the French language, we are here to help you find your way to the KEDGE BS campus.

How to get to Toulon KEDGE Business School?

Address: Maison de la Créativité, 1 Parvis des écoles - 83000 TOULON

Toulon by train

Gare de Toulon is the main railway station in the city. It is situated on the Marseille-Ventimiglia railway. The most popular destinations are Nice, Marseille, and Paris. The town is only 4 hours and 20 minutes from Paris by an Intercity high-speed train (TGV in French). 

The Var department has got 3 TGV railway stations: Toulon, Les Arcs-sur-Argens, and Saint-Raphael.

Toulon by plane

Toulon-Hyères airport is the airport serving the city. It is situated 3 kilometres to the southeast of Hyères and 19 kilometres to the east of Toulon. 

There are fewer flights to big French and foreign cities compared to its Mediterranean counterparts in Nice and Marseille. Nevertheless, there are daily direct flights to Paris-Orly airport.

To get from the airport to Toulon, there is a shuttle operating 5 trips per day, with additional trips during summer period.  The ticket costs €1.4 per journey, and the trip takes around 30 minutes. 

You can find more relevant details and buy your shuttle tickets on the official website.

How to get to the Toulon campus?

The campus is situated in the very heart of the town, 3 minutes away from the train or bus station, in the brand new neighbourhood of creativity and knowledge Chaculet.

Parking is available on site for motorbikes and bicycles.

Pick up assistance

Every semester, KEDGE Business School and its International Student Association “Welcome” offer our students a pick-up service from Toulon-Hyères (TLN) airport and Gare de Toulon railway station. Please submit your exact arrival time and contact details to the Welcome members via email or the Facebook page


The International Student Association “Welcome” helps the International Office facilitate the integration of international and exchange students among the French ones through the organisation of activities all year round.

The Welcome team will be available to help you upon your arrival, during the orientation session, and throughout your stay in France. They will be able to provide support and additional information about: 

  • how to open a bank account;
  • how to open an electricity contract;
  • how to buy bus and tram tickets;
  • how to get a cell phone;
  • how to search for housing options etc.

Student life in Toulon

Toulon is an important city in the Var department of Provence, located on the Mediterranean coast to the east of Marseille. It is best known for its rugby team, extensive naval base, and rugged Provençal landscape.

With its natural charm, it attracts many students from all over the world. Presently, it counts 15,000 students, and the number is constantly increasing. They make up a considerable part of the town’s population and constantly boost its renovation and modernisation. The town's schools and universities contribute to the creation of many employment offers in the area and the appearance of new services and amenities.

Things to know:

  • 440 926 residents in the Toulon metropolitan area;
  • The third-largest French city on the Mediterranean coast;
  • The largest military naval base (Arsenal) with the biggest aircraft carrier (Charles de Gaulle) in France;
  • An important centre for naval construction, fishing, wine making;
  • 15,000 students;
  • 200 ancient fountains dotted all over the town.

Places to see

Toulon centres around its spectacular harbour, protected by the Faron Mountains' high hillsides. The Bay of Toulon is a lovely natural harbour with various ports that can accommodate a wide range of watercraft, from small fishing boats to luxurious yachts and cruise ships. Its palm-fringed pathways bordering the waterfront are lined with boutiques and lively brasseries.

In your leisure time after classes, you can take seaside strolls, relax at outdoor cafés, and sunbathe on the beach while enjoying the sunny French lifestyle in Provence.

Take a look at some new places to see and visit:

  • The Vieille Ville (Old Town) was severely damaged during World War II. However, it has retained much of its former charm. You will enjoy strolling through the narrow cobblestone streets and peaceful squares with gushing fountains.
  • The Bay of Toulon: The most beautiful harbour in Europe and a busy working port.
  • Mount Faron: a 584-metre mountain behind the town. A cable car (the Téléphérique du Faron) runs from a terminus in the north of the town to the peak, so you don't have to be a mountaineer to get there.
  • Plages du Mourillon: horseshoe-shaped bays, screened by long breakwaters that leave the sea shallow and smooth. In summer, you can enjoy firework displays and aerobatic shows right from the beach.
  • Île de Porquerolles: the largest of the Îles d'Or (Golden Islands) in the serene Mediterranean Sea. It is just an hour’s ferry ride from the Port of Toulon. This peaceful island is a nice relief from the flashy and bustling Côte d'Azur.
  • Cours Lafayette: a long pedestrian street with traditional street markets. If food means something to you, they will acquaint you with all the local delicacies. Do not forget to taste Cade toulonnaise, a flatbread, made with chickpea flour and seasoned with salt and pepper, and chichi frégi, something between a donut and Spanish churro.


Toulon is a well-known student location for various shows, parties, concerts, and music festivals. 

The most famous town festivals: 

  • The Festival de Musique: a prestigious music festival. Many of the concerts take place in historic buildings. If you are a fan of classical music, come to enjoy the festival performances from Beethoven operas to Mozart orchestra concerts.
  • Jazz à Toulon, held in July: a vibrant summer festival. There are a series of free jazz concerts in public places. The festival features renowned jazz artists from throughout the world, as well as local and foreign musicians. That is the place where everybody is united by the language of music!

The new party venues:

  • Le Bar à Thym: a popular music bar with authentic live music and also DJs spinning every once in a while.
  • The Havana Café, ideally located in the heart of the Mourillon area, remains a reference for many town residents. If you live nearby, you will undoubtedly come across some familiar faces! The atmosphere is relaxing, and the staff is really friendly.
  • Le Pussy Cat is a club located at Mont Faron. While it plays a variety of music styles such as techno, funky house, and disco, it also offers a large selection of drinks for its visitors. Come here for partying till the dawn!
  • Le Navigateur can be found on the marina, thus it offers a fantastic view over the military naval harbour.

Means of transport

  • Railway: Over 20 railway stations, serving regional and national destinations (TER and TGV).
  • Bus: There are over 80 lines for the cities in the Var department and neighbouring regions. The network is run by the Réseau Mistral. You can consult the bus routes and timetables on their main website.
  • Boat: Some destinations offer shuttle boats (or bus boats) to other towns/villages on the Mediterranean coast.
  • Taxi:  You can either call a taxi, order it via an application or pick it up at one of the town's taxi stands, the Place de la Liberté being the main one. 
  • Bicycle: There is no municipal bike hire scheme, but there are several commercial companies in and around the bus station.

More practical information and details related to Toulon, transportation, accommodation, estimated living expenses, health insurance, banking, visas, administrative formalities, and scholarships can be found in the “International Student Handbook”. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Toulon!


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