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Admission level

From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bachelor's degree - 4 years, Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)




MSc, Master of Science


Full Time


September 2023



Presentation of the Master of Science (MSc) Innovation, Transformation, Entrepreneurship

The new Master of Science (MSc) in innovation, transformation and entrepreneurship from KEDGE is designed to train “transformative leaders” and agile entrepreneurs, enabling them to perform as business leaders to facilitate the transformation of businesses or to develop start-ups.

  • Programme Overview


campus of Marseille


Head of MSc in Innovation, Transformation, Entrepreneurship

A disruptive vision of the market's future needs

Focusing on the skills required to disrupt business models, the programme aims at matching the current market dynamics. Its main objective is to meet the companies challenges to maximise innovation and to broaden their global performance reach, not only from an economic perspective.

The Master of Science (MSc) programme provides a strong educational platform for future innovators, who will be

-    pilots and transformative leaders for innovation projects,
-    drivers in value creation, able to bring out collective intelligence in an expanded organisation,
-    intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs endowed with the right skills  to successfully drive value and manage innovation and to bring their ideas to the market, "from concept to commercialization".

Besides its exhaustive cursus, this programme also includes a study trip to Silicon Valley or Israel.


Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France

Programme highlights

The MSc programme uses inductive learning. Therefore, students work on a real business case over the duration of their studies.
- The live in-company case study is a real corporate consultancy project which will focus on challenges faced by companies such as implementing a new strategy, strategic management, company’s transformation, how to diversify by innovation, etc.
- Students will get involved in hands-on projects to solve complex business issues where only collective intelligence will enable them to co-build solutions to solve the case using a cross-disciplinary approach.

This option will give you the opportunity to create with the concept of a “Start-up studio”:

  • from an idea, how to launch a start-up with dedicated support and advice from experts, investors…using Kedge Entrepreneurship facilities: incubators, learning labs, developing your network with other startuppers and investors, company leaders
  • from a “wish”, how to co-pilot the creation of a start-up, work with others startuppers.

The MSc programme uses a flipped classroom pedagogy:
- knowledge is delivered online (distance learning),
- know-how and soft skills are validated by hands-on experience working in group projects throughout the year.

Students have access to online training modules as a digital support to the in-company live case (training as a service concept). Learning platforms facilitate online support for advice at any time, and according to student individual needs. Moreover, this service offers an inductive teaching method encouraging students to be active and to seek out information.

To solve a real business case, the one-month hackathon will gather in a competition internal and external students with different backgrounds: engineers, managers, designers, business executives etc. with the objective of building cross-disciplinary teams, thinking differently and out-of-the-box, and working connected with a different environment.

A one-week study trip is included in the training. This trip will allow you to discover startups and innovative companies in total immersion in their environment. Students will be able to benchmark good practices in terms of innovation or entrepreneurship.

For example: As a partner, visit the Technion Scientific Division, or visit Station F in Paris, or visit the Airbus Bizlab.

High-level experts or business leaders will give lectures on specific topics to share their experience and expertise: digital, ethics and moral, health and IOT, the impact of new technologies on leadership, agile innovation, start-ups or family business success stories …etc

  • Once graduated, free access to our premises dedicated to entrepreneurship on our different campuses: Paris: 500 m² / Marseille: 950 m² / Bordeaux: 400 m² / Toulon: 50 m²
  • Free access to the Google, AWS, IBM or Microsoft cloud and 90% discount on the professional Hubspot offer
  • Free memberships to French Tech Marseille / Bordeaux and to France Digitale
  • Participation in numerous competitions with funding / rewards:
            Coup de Pouce Le Roch (competition prize)
            Msc Startup Challenge Carasso (competition endowment)
            Kedge Business Angels Carasso Prize (competition prize)
            KEDGE Foundation grants (on selection)
            Pro Act Entrepreneurs Carasso (competition grant)
  • Invitations / Free Stands on numerous events and fairs dedicated to entrepreneurship:
            Place + Shared stand at the Salon des Entrepreneurs Marseille / Paris
            Stand Le Phare Marseille
            Viva Tech Invitation
            France Digital Day Invitation
            Invitation France is Ai
            Entrance + Stand Delta Festival
            Summer Festival Invitation
            Bpi France Inno Generation
  • Team building: Evenings / Networks / Afterworks
  • Networks
            Access to Kedge Entrepreneurship networks (LinkedIn, Alumni, Clubs)
            Job board / student internship access
            Corporate partners: connecting corporate partners
  • Access to workshops / conferences (thirty per year) organized by KEDGE:
            Sandra Legrand (Yapuka)
            Romain Vidal (Cap Horn Invest)
            Benjamin Bitton (2CFinance)
            Benajmin Rosso (Numa Avocat)
            Funding Officer (Bpi)
            Innovation (Cdiscount)
  • Media
            Portrait KEDGE Newsletter (target 1,300 people)
            Press relations :
                Portraits Les Echos Entrepreneurs Fair (on selection)
                Challenge Ranking (on selection)
                Portraits Made In Marseille (on selection)
                Portraits La Provence (on selection)
                The Students (on selection)
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