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Marketing in a complex and changing world

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campus of Bordeaux

Dominique BILLON

Head of MSc Marketing & Brand Management

Marketing in a complex and changing world

Marketing activities and skills need to change in step with the deep and often contradictory changes underway in our environment, including digital technology and the development of a participatory culture turning consumers into ethical consumers, a sense of belonging to several communities through affinity or emotional ties, the emergence of a trend towards a more responsible form of marketing and new forms of competition based on the creation of open ecosystems involving “business partners”.

It was with these changes in mind that we designed the MSc Marketing, working with a team of teacher-researchers and companies who are part of the KEDGE Business School ecosystem. The professors belong to one of Europe’s best-known Research Centres, the KEDGE BS “Marketing Centre of Excellence”. (rajouter le classement de KEDGE en recherche, sur le dernier classement de Shangahï)

Working with businesses, they take our current state of knowledge forward in the marketing field, and involve students in their research. Companies are involved in the joint-creation of the programme at several levels: some are involved in managing the programme via the Development Committee, while others support students throughout their optional study routes thanks to “guiding light” partnerships.

They all share the same aim: to help future graduates to develop a vision of a responsible marketing, and to acquire cutting-edge competences in order to succeed in their future projects.


Why choose this programme?

A specialised programme providing access to 80% of marketing occupations

thanks to its design: a common core leading on to occupation-specific and sector-specific options.

A 3-tiered educational approach

•    1/3 teaching provided by top-level academic professors who are members of the KEDGE BS “Marketing Centre of Excellence”: they enable students to benefit from the latest progress in the marketing field thanks to their involvement in research projects with companies
•    1/3 lectures given by experts and professionals: they share their expertise and experience with the students
•    1/3 experience-based work to create, apply and analyse: fieldwork, corporate projects, visits to companies, FabLab sessions, etc.


A “guiding-light partnership”

in each of the occupation-specific and/or sector-specific options. A company supports the students throughout the whole of the second semester (conferences, job dating, case studies, workshops, applied research problems, etc.). Examples of partner companies (Danone, Cultura, Procter & Gamble, Dentsu Aegis Network, etc.)

Digital marketing skills

Learn to:
-    code with different levels of experience
-    introduce and analyse Office 365 data
-    use the Adobe creative suite
-    collaborate using Slack, Trello and Office 365
-    use Google Analytics

Two well-known partners:
-    The MOOC Agency, a leading provider of innovative teaching methods.
-    Le Wagon, a coding school: students are coached by the Wagon to learn useful technical marketing tools (coding in HTML5 and CSS3 to design a website, intro to UX Design, etc.). Selected students have the opportunity to attend the Wagon’s FullStack program for 9 weeks in Bordeaux and earn a dual diploma by combining the Wagon’s web app designer-developer certification (RNCP Level II) with KEDGE’S MSc degree.

The strength of a network

Member of the KEDGE community and access to its resources: network of graduates to seize opportunities around the world, incubator and accelerator to support you in your entrepreneurial projects.

Skills developed


to be able to understand the challenges presented by different and often highly specific activities and occupations. Versatility is vital to be able to coordinate and manage teams assigned to complex projects.

A state of mind firmly focused on the “time to market”

today’s best practices can become outdated in just a few months’ time. Development cycles are getting shorter and are increasingly based around “test, learn and amplify” cycles.

Capacity for analysis

In the age of big data, marketing professionals must be able to analyse quantitative data and interpret qualitative data derived, for example, from an ethnomarketing-based approach

Technical skills

particularly in the digital field.

An ability to think outside the box

to create new market opportunities, to challenge established processes in order to improve the customer experience and actively participate in innovative imitative activities.

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