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The Bay of Toulon

​Where to stay in Toulon?

The KEDGE Toulon campus is located in the very heart of the city, in the brand new neighbourhood of creativity and knowledge Chaculet and across from the railway station.

As a student city, Toulon benefits from substantial demographic and economic advantages. From the picturesque harbour to the steep hillsides, it offers a wide selection of housing facilities suited to everyone’s taste. As the KEDGE campus is located in the city centre, you should not have any problems finding student accommodation nearby. 

  • Toulon's seaside is extremely popular with international students. The proximity of the coastline remains their preferred criterion while looking for accommodation. To the east of the town, the residential area of Cap Brun is in very high demand. Further north, the Serinette district offers beautiful private properties that are a bit less expensive. Facing the sandy beaches, the authentic Mourillon district, a former fishing village, is also highly rated for its properties, which evoke a typical Provencal atmosphere.
  • To the north, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Toulon harbour. On the mountainside of the town, the slopes of Mount Faron are home to houses and flats hidden in marvellous gardens. The panorama of Toulon and the harbour is particularly appreciated as you stroll through the quiet streets of this district.
  • The historic centre of Toulon is constantly being renovated. The ambitious renovation projects undertaken over the past few years in the city centre have contributed to the metamorphosis of this area. Many students appreciate the Haute Ville district, between the station and the Boulevard de Strasbourg. Flats and rooms in the beautiful buildings with Haussmann-style facades have now become extremely popular. Toulon city centre has undergone a vast urban planning and re-qualification programme, with the aim of attracting a younger population, particularly international students.
  • The Basse Ville, or Lower Town, is Toulon’s oldest part dating back to medieval times. This network of winding backstreets keeps surprising you by opening up into small squares with ancient fountains and terraced cafés. The Rue des Arts is part of the urban renovation project. It is not just one street, but the entire mini-district that surrounds the Rue Pierre Sémard and the Place de l'Equerre. It has now become a thriving hive of galleries, artisan shops, and bars where students like to spend their free time.

The average rent price for a student room in Toulon is €439 and €400 for a shared one. The average for a studio is €440 and €600 for a T1. Finally, for a room in a student residence, you can expect to pay about €430.

Toulon is a seaside city well-known for its various natural attractions, including parks and gardens and numerous ancient fountains. It is also a location where many shows, concerts, and festivals take place. That is why it is a perfect place to search for student accommodation.

Toulon currently counts 15,000 students, and the number is constantly increasing. These students make up a significant portion of the city's population. Toulon is a popular destination for international students from all over the world.

So, what will be your perfect neighbourhood in Toulon?


How to find accommodation as a student?

The housing services for students of KEDGE Business School are available on a single Studapart platform. You will find exclusive housing offers from private landlords and real estate agencies, such as studios, flat shares, furnished rooms in private houses, etc. In the French rental market, more than 1 in 5 requests are filed for a student residenceStudent residences make it easy to book a place remotely from abroad, which is not always possible with other types of accommodation. That explains why they are so successful with international students and why there are so many offers available on the platform.

Location is one of the main criteria when looking for accommodation. For their studies or their job, students usually prefer to avoid long walks or long journeys on public transport. This is why you will usually find residences in the immediate vicinity of schools or universities. 

On the Studapart platform, you will also benefit from personalised support throughout your rental application process and the Studapart Guarantee. The Studapart team makes sure that the user’s profiles and ads are verified and encourages homeowners to keep an updated profile, have a high response rate, and provide quality accommodation

A multilingual team is at your disposal 6 days a week to help you find and book your student accommodation on the platform. Whether you are searching or looking to book, you can view available housing and complete the whole process online. To get started, click on “Tenant space” and sign up using your school’s login credentials, your personal email address, or register with your Facebook account. 

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact our housing advisor in Bordeaux:

You don’t have a guarantor for your student accommodation in France?

Don’t worry, Studapart can replace your guarantor over the whole duration of your stay in France.

guarantor is a third party, who signs the lease agreement with the tenant, responsible for paying the rent. In case the tenant does not pay the rent, the landlord has an option to legally ask the guarantor to pay it.

It may be challenging for international students to find accommodation in Bordeaux without a French guarantor. In most cases, student residences and landlords require that your guarantor has income in France.

You can get the Studapart Guarantee directly on the platform and add it to your rental application to find a room or residence available in the desired area.

If you require any further information, feel free to email:

You are an owner

To advertise your student housing services or property on our dedicated platform, click on “Owner space” to go through the sign-up process. After that, you will be able to create your profile and describe the student accommodation you provide. 

The Studapart platform allows you to find a perfect tenant quickly and safely. It was developed on 4 key pillars to make your rental experience simpler: security, autonomy, expertise, and profitability

Studapart is a community of trust, as both owners and tenants share the same values: transparency, open-mindedness, and goodwill. If you have a room or student residence to offer, come join us!

Student residence in Toulon

The student hall residence (CROUS)

The Regional Centre for University and School Work (CROUS) is a public organisation in charge of student administration. In particular, they can provide social assistance, welcome international students, help with accommodation and catering, and promote student culture.

Depending on your study location, you will need to contact your regional CROUS centre. The CROUS student residences and rooms are mainly allocated according to social criteria.

For more relevant information, we encourage you to visit the blog and the official CROUS website.

Contact details:

Address: 26 route de Turin 06300 Nice

By telephone: +33 (0) 4 92 15 50 50


Other accommodation offers around the campus

Cardinal Campus Alfred Nobel 

Address: 16-18 Boulevard du 11 Novembre 83100 Toulon
By telephone:  06 45 70 24 28 / 07 63 21 66 20

Maison de l´Etudiant 

Address: 6, rue des Riaux 83000 Toulon
By telephone:  04 94 01 78 54

Les Bartavelles

Address: 56, chemin de la Providence 83100 Toulon
By telephone:  04 94 27 38 87 ou 06 31 09 80 04

Les Belles Années 

Address: 27, boulevard Amigas 83000 Toulon
By telephone:  0 969 321 969

Résidence Philippe Lebon 

Address: 178 Avenue Philippe Lebon 83000 Toulon
By telephone:  04 94 36 12 25

Norbert Ségard 

Address: Rue Henri Pertus 83000 Toulon
By telephone:  04 42 27 65 11