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Inclusiveness and the fight against inequalities and discriminations are at the heart of KEDGE's priorities. The School has built a strategic plan around the issues of disabilities, gender equality and social openness. 


In order to support its inclusive policy, KEDGE has set up the Disability support scheme in 2015.

It is a comprehensive system based on three pillars. The first one being the adaptation and support of students with a disability. 

For this, KEDGE mobilises resources and a network of mentors spread across its four campuses in Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris and Toulon.

The second objective is to train future managers in the management of disabled employees, undertaking innovative research in the field of disability in the workplace. A research chair and an undergraduate certificate in disability have been created, while a postgraduate certificate is in the process of being finalised.

The School has for third priority the employment and the support of people with disabilities among its staff.


Through its actions in favour of inclusiveness, and in particular in regards to disabilities, KEDGE is committed to promote fair treatment for everyone and to give everyone the same opportunities.

In response, the School has mobilised resources and a network of volunteers to support the students (special arrangements for exams, specific assistive technology, etc).

Students in need of specific arrangements must make themselves known as soon as possible to the HandiKap network and provide all information and document required.

KEDGE Business School acts in favour of students with disabilities

In order to be eligible for special arrangements, students must provide a declaration or a special educational needs certificate from the University Preventive Medicine upon registration.

Entrance exams: Students can contact the entrance exam services from each campus via the HandiKap network to obtain the necessary information on specific arrangements request, the accessibility of the campus, a possible visit, etc...

When registering: On the registration form, tick the box declaring a disability and the request for special arrangements.

At the start of the school year, you will be contacted by email through your educational coordinator to discuss your specific requirements and support needed to pursue your studies.

A personalised support programme could also be put in place.

The KEDGE ACCESS referral network is mobilised on the 4 campuses. The team is made up of teachers, administrative staff, students and corporate partners all here to answer questions related to their field of expertise: teaching, education, employability, etc...

A guide is available to help you through the registration process.

Special arrangements and support can be put in place depending on the students' needs:

  • Access to premises, mobility within the establishments.
  • Special arrangements for exams, continuous assessment, alternative exam.
  • Adaptation of supports (enlarged question papers, braille question papers).
  • Technical & specific IT support .
  • Help from an assistant or a coordinator.
  • Cursus adaptability.

We recommend that students encountering focus specific cognitive impairment to get in touch with their Advisor. They will be able to anticipate specific needs together, in particular on language tests (mandatory prerequisite for most courses).

These represent 80% of students declared having a disability in our business school, mainly for undergraduates.

KEDGE has developed corporate partnerships to support students with a disability in their journey to employment. Those partners can offer internships, work-study placements or jobs.

Scholarships are also available to finance special arrangements or specific support.

The partner companies also participate in supporting students with disabilities through tutoring, mock interviews and share their expertise during round tables and exchanges with students.

Corporate partners: BPI France/Candriam/Schneider Electric/Société Générale

Contact : 

Nelida Jimenez, KEDGE ACCESS Company advisor

Events are organised on all our campuses to raise awareness about disability to the entire community: Adaptathlon, Handicampus day, World disability day, etc. Two students' projects are also dedicated to disability, Disaball at KEDGE Bordeaux and hand-In-hand in Marseille.

The school is also developing a certificate for the management of people with disabilities open to all students called future managers.

This certificate will allow our students to have both a theoretical, practical and professional approach and to acquire knowledge and skills in order to better support workers with disabilities once they become managers.

An innovative research programme: a pioneer in the management of disability and promoting the exchange of best practices.

The research programme on disability between Société Générale and KEDGE is a place for innovation and proposals for the evolution of managerial practices related to disability.

It is a way to promote Société Générale's responsible commitment and capitalise on KEDGE's specialisations in research and pedagogy. 

The Management & Disability Chair


students have received support in 2022/2023


Advisers across the 4 campuses


partner companies (BPI France / Schneider Electric /Candriam/Société générale)

KEDGE ACCESS guide and references


List of KEDGE ACCESS advisers

Testimonial : Ulysse PGE student in Marseille

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