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View of the city centre and the Seine river

Where to stay in Paris?

The KEDGE Paris campus is located in the heart of the French capital in the exceptional 135,000 m² Lumière Building, one of Paris's largest business centres and ecosystems.

Paris is a large city full of various neighbourhoods with different atmospheres and lifestyles. Foremost, you need to know that Paris is made up of 20 arrondissements. If you take a look at a Paris map, you will see that they are organised like a snail shell: the 1st arrondissement of Paris is located in the city centre and the others go around it in a spiral. The second thing to keep in mind to better understand Paris is ... the Seine! The Seine river divides the city, creating a natural border between the quiet Rive Gauche (Left Bank) and the more dynamic Rive Droite (Right Bank).

Each bank and each arrondissement of Paris has its peculiarities, so it may be challenging for international students to find a housing place that corresponds to their lifestyle.

  • The Latin Quarter: historically a student area, located in the 5th and 6th arrondissements. This vibrant neighbourhood is filled with new and old pubs, nightclubs, cafés, bookshops, and cinemas, as well as quaint and attractive streets like the Rue Mouffetard (one of the oldest in Paris). Another benefit of the Latin Quarter is the Luxembourg Gardens (often known as "le Luco" by Parisians) and the Jardin des Plantes. They will allow you to recharge your batteries between and after classes and revise outside in the summer. However, available accommodation rentals in the area are rather expensive, especially for a furnished studio or one-bedroom flat.
  • Known as a trendy area in Paris, the Marais district is located in the 4th arrondissement of the capital. The charm of the Marais lies in its cobblestone streets, historic spots, and quirky new boutiques. It will appeal to students for its festive and vibrant atmosphere and its large number of bars and restaurants of all kinds. Here you will definitely find your favourite place! Besides, it is definitely one of the best places in Paris to go shopping. Due to its location and all the mentioned sites of interest, the rent prices are usually high.
  • The Belleville district is one of the most popular with international students in Paris. It does not look like the rest of the city. In this part, you will not find any fancy Haussmann buildings or gorgeous shopfronts, nor will you discover any grandiose streets or in-crowds. Migrants, students, artists, and musicians from all over the world have turned Belleville into a vibrant and welcoming neighbourhood. It is special because of the social and ethnic mix. Many local restaurants offer foreign cuisine, and rent prices are moderate in this district. So, what about looking for a cosy room or studio in the area?
  • The République-Bastille: another student alternative in the city. The district is situated on the right bank of the Seine, between the fashionable Marais area and the bustling Canal Saint-Martin. It has got an excellent public transportation network and is just a few metro stations from the city's major schools and universities. There are numerous bars and restaurants in the vicinity, and the district is well-known among students for its vibrant nightlife. While located in the heart of the French capital, the area offers cheaper rent for student accommodation such as furnished rooms, individual studios, or shared two-bedroom flats.
  • Pigalle, one of the most vibrant student neighbourhoods in Paris. Located in the 9th and 18th arrondissements, the Pigalle district is perfect if you are a night owl and like going out in the evening, after classes, to have a drink with your friends or classmates. This student district is full of bars and cafés of all kinds, so you will quickly find what you are looking for. Pigalle is one of the most touristic student districts in Paris, thanks to the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre and the Moulin Rouge. You do not need to be afraid of being alone in the street at night, the streets of this arrondissement are always full of people.
  • Oberkampf, a student district that never sleeps. Another popular place for Parisian night owls is the Oberkampf district, located in the 11th arrondissement. It is renowned for its dynamism and for being a real nest of live music with L'Alimentation Générale, Le Chat Noir, and the Nouveau Casino. Rue Oberkampf, the best-known street in the district, is the city's "rue de la soif" (“thirsty street”) at nightfall and hides many secrets during the day. These include the Cité Durmar et Cité and the Cité des Figuiers. We will not tell you more so as not to spoil your discovery of the place. The price of rent per square metre in the 11th arrondissement is about €28.6, which is quite reasonable for Paris.
  • You may also consider the 18th, 19th, and 20th Paris arrondissements. These three districts are the best in terms of rent prices and available student housing options. However, lower rents do not necessarily mean that the geographical location is worse or that the living conditions are not comfortable. On the contrary, these three arrondissements have many advantages, starting with the public transport network which allows you to quickly get to the city centre. There are also many local shops and places to go out and party. 
  • Paris is the most expensive student city in France, so the student budget for rent is rather high. For a 20 m² studio in the city, you will need to plan a budget of €823 per month (service charges and bills included). However, the cost of renting a room or studio for a student in Paris or the surrounding area varies depending on the location and type of accommodation. The more you extend your housing search outside of Paris, the lower the rent becomes. For instance, the average student budget in Île-de-France is around €750 per month. Students living in the inner suburbs of the capital have an average budget of €700 per month. These budgets are reduced to nearly €600-650 per month in the outer suburbs.
  • The international students who do not want to limit their housing opportunities and need more space choose to find flat mates. Student flat-sharing provides a wider range of options and a more spacious place to live in. Furthermore, the rent is split between the tenants, and landlords are more lenient with the housing rent when it comes to students.

Paris, the capital of France, has so much vibrancy and charm for international students that the world's largest megalopolises cannot beat it. It is Europe's largest university town, considered to be one of the most pleasant cities in the world to stay and study in.

Paris is a desirable location for international students due to the city’s diversity, inclusiveness, and work opportunities. It has all the services and facilities a student needs to get the best studying experience.

So, what will be your perfect neighbourhood in Paris?

Discover the city of Paris

How to find accommodation as a student?

The housing services for students of KEDGE Business School are available on a single Studapart platform. You will find exclusive housing offers from private landlords and real estate agencies, such as studios, flat shares, furnished rooms in private houses, etc. In the French rental market, more than 1 in 5 requests are filed for a student residence. Student residences make it easy to book a place remotely from abroad, which is not always possible with other types of accommodation. That explains why student residences are so successful with international students and why there are so many offers available on the platform.

Location is one of the main criteria that enter into account for young tenants when looking for accommodation. For their studies or their job, they usually prefer to avoid long walks or public transport trips. Student residences found a new way to adapt to this clientele’s needs, and residence managers locate buildings near schools and universities. 

Student residences each have extensive accommodation catalogues. Each residence offers 1- or 2-room flats, as well as shared flats with individual rooms. This way, any tenant finds a solution that suits their needs.

On the Studapart platform, you will also benefit from personalised support throughout your rental application process and the Studapart Guarantee. The Studapart team makes sure that the user’s profiles and ads are verified and encourages homeowners to keep an updated profile, have a high response rate, and provide quality accommodation

A multilingual team is at your disposal 6 days a week to help you find and book your student accommodation on the platform. From searching to booking, you can view available housing offers and complete the whole process online. To get started, click on “Tenant space” and sign up using your school’s login credentials or your personal email address, or register with your Facebook account. 

You don’t have a guarantor for your student accommodation in France?

Don’t worry, Studapart can replace your guarantor over the whole duration of your stay in France.

A guarantor is a third party, who signs the lease agreement with the tenant, responsible for paying the rent. In case the tenant does not pay the rent for their new accommodation, the landlord has an option to legally ask the guarantor to pay it.

It may be challenging for international students to find accommodation in Paris without a French guarantor. In most cases, student residences and landlords require that your guarantor has a fixed income in France.

You can get the Studapart Guarantee directly on the platform and add it to your rental application to find a room, studio, or residence available in the desired area.
If you require any further information, feel free to email us:

You are an owner

To advertise your student housing services or property on our dedicated platform for accommodation, click on “Owner space” to go through the sign-up process. After that, you will be able to create your profile and describe the student accommodation you provide. 

The Studapart platform allows you to find a perfect tenant quickly and safely. It was developed on 4 key pillars to make your rental experience simpler: security, autonomy, expertise, and profitability

Studapart is a community of trust, as both owners and tenants share the same values: transparency, open-mindedness, and goodwill. If you have a private room or student residence to offer, come join us!

Student residence in Paris

 The student hall residence (CROUS)

The Regional Centre for University and School Work (CROUS) is a public organisation in charge of student administration. In particular, they can provide social assistance, welcome international students, help with student accommodation and catering, and promote student culture.

Depending on the city you choose for your business studies, you will have to contact a different CROUS regional centre. The CROUS student residences and rooms are mainly allocated according to social criteria.

For more relevant information, we encourage you to visit the blog and the official CROUS website.

Contact details:

Address: 39 avenue Bernanos 75005 Paris

By telephone: +33 (0) 1 40 51 36 00



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