KEDGE Business School: Shanghai campuses

KEDGE has been doing successfully implemented in China for 20 years and has two campuses in Shanghai: the Shanghai Jiao Tong University campus and the campus within the Sino-French Institute.


Jiao Tong University campus

KEDGE began establishing a local presence in China in 2002 with the launch of high-level executive training courses in English in collaboration with the Antai College of Economics & Management of jiao Tong University, one of the top 5 universities in China. The Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is an international institution, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. Each year it admits students from over 70 different countries contributing to the creation of a rich and diverse learning environment. The main campus is located in the Xuhui district of Shanghai and hosts several educational institutions. The buildings are a mixture of American influenced constructions and Chinese style. The campus is located in the former French Concession of Shanghai and covers more than 233,000 m2. It has all modern facilities and technologies. The KEDGE Business School is located right at the centre of the university. Find out more

Sino-French Institute of 'Arts and Design Management' campus

Following its success and recognition by the Chinese government in the field of higher education, KEDGE was approached by the China  Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) to set up a new Sino-French Institute in the innovative field of Arts and Design Management. The primary objective of this Institute is to train Chinese art students in management skills for a booming Chinese cultural market. Ultimately, the ambition is to make this IFC a unique hub combining teaching, research and cross-disciplinary projects to develop co-operation between France/Europe and China/Asia.

Historically located in Beijing, the administrative capital of the People's Republic of China, the CAFA has chosen to set up the Sino-French Institute in 'Arts and Design management' in Shanghai, in the suburb of Lingang New City in the heart of the economic capital of the country. The location was chosen for its proximity to the economic world. With a surface area of 35,000 m², more than 25,000 m² of which is built, the IFC Arts and Design Management campus accommodate over 1,200 students who benefit from high-level teaching equipment, an art gallery for exhibitions and an art library. The amount invested in the Institute is 171,360,000 yuans (23,446,983 euros), fully funded by the People's Government of the new Pudong District. Find out more

Study Business Management in China

Programmes available in Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • The KEDGE Global EMBA is taught in Marseille, Bordeaux, Paris and Shanghai and is the only French EMBA to be recognised by the Chinese government and the French government.
    The programme is taught in English and is intended for senior executives and managers seeking a decidedly international dimension. 
  • Since 2008, KEDGE and Jiao Tong University have also been developing an Executive MBA in English in the form of a double degree for Chinese senior executives and entrepreneurs. At present there are only four Executive MBA double degrees in China with a French institution.

Programmes available in the Sino-French Institute for Arts and Design Management

Life in Shanghai as an international student

Shanghai, the world's largest city and known as the 'Gateway to the World', stands as China's foremost industrial hub, densely populated with 25 million inhabitants across 6340 km² on the east coast. As the nucleus of China's thriving economy, Shanghai excels in finance, business, shipping, and trading, attracting both local and international enterprises.

Studying in Shanghai offers access to extensive international exchange programmes and a thriving international student community, fostering global networking opportunities and exposure to dynamic markets. The city boasts the world's largest metro system, providing convenient and affordable transportation for students. Living arrangements typically involve on-campus accommodation, facilitating immersion into student life and fostering connections. For off-campus housing, rental costs vary, with one-bedroom apartments in the city centre averaging around 450 to 500 euros per month.

Shanghai's culinary scene offers diverse and affordable dining options, with inexpensive meals and mid-range options in various neighbourhoods. In terms of nightlife, Shanghai offers a diverse range of activities, with bars scattered throughout the city. Despite budget considerations, Shanghai provides ample opportunities for students to enjoy themselves and explore the vibrant cityscape.

How to get there?

The CAFA Shanghai campus is located on the shore of Dishui Lake in Lingang region, Shanghai (No. 1099, 2nd Street South of Huanhu, Nanhui New City, Pudong New District, Shanghai).

  • From Pudong International Airport: Take metro line 2, and transfer to line 10 at the station of East Nanjing Road, and get off at Jiao Tong University station.
  • From Shanghai Railway Station/South Railway Station: Take metro line 1 and get off at Xujiahui Station
  • From Shanghai Hongqiao Hub: Take metro line 10 and get off at SJTU station. (For reference only. Any changes, please refer to notice issued by public transportation authority for latest information)
  • Chinese language address for taxi drivers: 上海市浦东新区,, 环湖南二路1099号 邮政编码: 201308

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