Care for People





Inclusiveness is a key priority for KEDGE because we are convinced that diversity is an asset and a source of creativity, innovation, as well as individual and collective success.

As a Grande École, it also supports its stakeholders in risk prevention and strives for the well-being of its communities.

The objective behind its "Care for people" pillar is to enable everybody's potential to grow and develop, regardless of their social or geographical background, gender or disability. This ambition is based on three commitments, supported by specific action plans.

Our commitments

Support our students at every stage of their studies

  • Increase the social, geographical and international diversity of our programmes
  • Provide and implement measures for the well-being of our students and raise their awareness on inclusiveness issues

Be a responsible employer

Be a proactive contributor to our local communities

  • Promote equal opportunities
  • Advocate for the general interest and development

To fulfil its ambition, a Dean for Inclusiveness was appointed in March 2021: Anicia Jaegler. Her first mission is to establish an inclusiveness index.

She collaborates on a daily basis with the Sustainability & Impact Department, the Human Resources Department and the Student Services Department.

Key actions in 2021

  • A Dean for Inclusiveness has been appointed. KEDGE is the first management school in France to appoint a Dean for Inclusiveness, Anicia Jaegler. Her main mission is to ensure that inclusiveness is the driving force for the school's working, learning and research environment.
  • The Entrepreneurial School opens its doors on the Bordeaux Campus. The mission of the Entrepreneurial School is to develop the entrepreneurial skills and employability of students from disadvantaged areas. It is a three-year training course financed by public and private partners. 
  • Kedge signed the Diversity Charter. For the last fifteen years, KEDGE has been one of the first organisations involved in the Diversity Charter initiative. This reflects its commitment to cultural, ethnic and social diversity within the school's community. With this signature, KEDGE reaffirms its determination to promote diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Fight Against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. At the beginning of 2021, we wanted to reaffirm a certain number of values and principles that drive our school. This is why KEDGE organised an awareness-raising campaign against gender-based and sexual violence from 25 to 29 January 2021.
  • Partnership contract signed with Télémaque. KEDGE signed a 3-year partnership contract with the Télémaque association. Its mission is to develop the potential and success chances of secondary school students and trainees from disadvantaged areas. The KEDGE Business School is fulfilling its commitment to equal opportunities by offering them support and mentoring.
  • May: the month of inclusiveness. KEDGE Business School seeks to provide access to higher education for everyone, and fight against inequalities and discrimination. The highlights of KEDGE Impakt in May were: student training, awareness-raising campaigns and support for its employees, discussions, introduction of inclusiveness tools, participation in major national and international events, etc.

Key figures in 2021

  • 18% of students in the Grande Ecole programme received CROUS scholarships, and €918K in scholarships were allocated on the basis of social criteria and emergency funds
  • 137 students with disabilities were registered and supported
  • 2,383 work-study students
  • 17,535 days of fixed-term contracts for students 
  • 30% international students 
  • 553 secondary students mentored