PhD Programme (Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration)

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KEDGE PhD Programme

The PhD programme of KEDGE Business School aims to enable scholars to become future faculty members in leading international business schools and universities. During their study, PhD students undertake research projects leading to academic publications in internationally acclaimed journals and gain experience of teaching in higher education. 

Ralf Barkemeyer - KEDGE

campus of Bordeaux

Ralf Barkemeyer


KEDGE Business School offers a diversity of PhD experiences. Some students join the School directly from their Master’s studies, while other students come with work and managerial experience. The PhD programme has a strong international orientation. The majority of students are funded by Kedge, while others are also self-funded.

The PhD Programme is closely related to KEDGE’s research-focussed Centres of Excellence:

Programme's Labels : Marketing Supply Chain Wine & Spirits
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