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Centre of excellence for Sustainability-KEDGE BS

Centre of Excellence for Sustainability

As a Centre of Excellence, we aim to be a catalyst for sustainable business practices and work towards a better, more sustainable world.

We do this through transformational research and education – by producing work that is relevant to academics and practitioners, by working and collaborating across disciplines and by engaging broadly across sectors. We create knowledge and leaders that enable sustainable business practices.

Research Domains & Labs

KEDGE’s Centre of Excellence for Sustainability conducts interdisciplinary research into the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of organizations at various levels of analysis.

With 22 academics and 5 PhD students, it is one of the largest European research and higher education centres dedicated to corporate sustainability.

Our research domains are

Compliance & Anti-Corruption

We aim to better understand the origins, consequences and types of corruption, from the perspectives of organizations and society, and analyse compliance and anti-corruption policies

Discover Compliance and Anticorruption Lab

Education for Sustainable Development

We aim to advance Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a way to empower stakeholders to build a more sustainable future. We use a holistic approach to ESD, including education for sustainability at the individual, organizational and systems level.

Discover Education for Sustainable Development Lab

Environmental Sustainability & Circular Economy

The use of natural resources continues to be one of the greatest sustainability challenges both on a corporate as well as a societal level. We research the sustainable and in particular the circular use of resources in production and consumption.

Governance for Sustainability

This research domain explores how governance policies, systems and processes meet the global and local issues of sustainability. It covers a wide range of topics such as stakeholder participation and engagement, transparency, accountability, mode of organization, collaboration etc.

Social Change

We explore complex social issues that have multiple root causes. Examples include: Gender inequality, disability, social and economic exclusion, workplace wellbeing and wellbeing more broadly.

Sustainable Business Model & Entrepreneurship

We are interested in uncovering the ways in which sustainable entrepreneurs create and capture value, so as to advance sustainable development and bring about social change.

Sustainability Communication

We focus on internal and external sustainability related communications by organisations – e.g. trends and patterns, content and quality, as well as drivers and outcomes of sustainability communication.

Strategies for Corporate Sustainability

Our research examines the long-term direction companies take with regard to the tension between sustainability aspects. We study how companies determine their goals, develop their capabilities and engage with stakeholders in deliberately chosen as well as emerging ways.

Sustainability & the Multinational Entreprise

Multinational enterprises (MNEs) are among the most visible targets and drivers of corporate (ir)responsibility and corporate (un)sustainability. We focus on the cross-country and cross-cultural nature of CSR and sustainability practices, conceptualizations and outcomes centred on the MNE.

Sustainable Supply Chain

We are committed to advancing and disseminating sustainable supply chain management knowledge to reduce negative environmental and social externalities upstream and downstream and strengthen firm performance, competitive advantage and brand credibility.

Discover Sustainable Supply Chain Lab

Sustainable Work Place

We consider issues of justice, fairness, organizational politics, well-being, morality and ethics in the workplace with a focus on the micro (individual) level and usually, though not exclusively, in the field of Human Resource Management and its place and role in organizational life.

Discover Sustainable Workplace Lab

Tensions, Trade-Off & Paradoxes

Sustainability is a multidimensional concept encompassing economic, environmental, social and ethical aspects. We research the tensions, trade-offs and paradoxes that both researchers and practitioners encounter when dealing with sustainability questions.



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