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Chi ZHANG is an assistant professor of management at KEDGE Business School. He achieved his Ph.D. in management from University of Pau and KEDGE Business School in France. He teaches courses in Intercultural Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Lean management, and International Business Environment and Strategy at both the bachelor and master levels. His research areas include guanxi (Chinese social network), cross-cultural buyer-supplier relationship, sustainable supply chain management, and supply chain collaboration.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    ZHANG, C., D. MOOSMAYER, M. WANG, M. OHANA, "Managing Chinese suppliers' sustainability performance: The double-edged role of guanxi governance", Industrial Marketing Management, 2024, vol. 118, pp. 189-199 2024 Journal article
    OHANA, M., G. MURTAZA, I. INAM UL HAQ, E. AL-SHATTI, C. ZHANG, "Why and When can CSR toward Employees Lead to Cyberloafing? The Role of Workplace Boredom and Moral Disengagement", Journal of Business Ethics, 2024, vol. 189, pp. 133-148 2024 Journal article
    ZHANG, C., M. VENKATESH, M. OHANA, "The impact of normative institutions on socially sustainable supply chain management: the role of individual cultural values", International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 2024, vol. 44, no. 4, pp. 790-812 2024 Journal article
    HU, X., S. ZHOU, X. LUO, J. LI, C. ZHANG, "Optimal pricing strategy of an on-demand platform with cross-regional passengers", Omega, 2024, vol. 122, pp. 102947 2024 Journal article
    ANGLES, V., C. ZHANG - "Moteurs Baudouin: Un modèle d'acquisition chinoise en France" - 2023, CCMP, Paris 2023 Case Study
    ANGLES, V., C. ZHANG - "Moteurs Baudouin A model of Chinese acquisition in France" - 2023, CCMP 2023 Case Study
    WU, M., W. LI, L. ZHANG, C. ZHANG, H. ZHOU, "Workplace suspicion, knowledge hiding, and silence behavior: A double-moderated mediation model of knowledge-based psychological ownership and face consciousness", Frontiers in Psychology, 2023, vol. 14, pp. 982440 2023 Journal article
    HE, P., J. WANG, H. ZHOU, C. ZHANG, Q. LIU, X. XIE, "Workplace friendship, employee well-being and knowledge hiding: The moderating role of the perception of Chaxu climate", Frontiers in Psychology, 2022, vol. 13, pp. 1-16 2022 Journal article
    WU , M., L. ZHANG, W. LI, C. ZHANG, "How Institutional Pressure Affects Organizational Citizenship Behavior for the Environment: The Moderated Mediation Effect of Green Management Practice", Sustainability, 2022, vol. 14, no. 19, pp. 12086 2022 Journal article
    JIANG, C., D. YAHIAOUI, C. ZHANG, "Chinese firms in developed and developing countries: The Alignment of foreign direct investment motives with staffing practices" Forthcoming European J. of International Management 2021 Journal article
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    DABOUSSI AYADI, A., C. ZHANG, S. K. ZOUAOUI, M. OHANA, "Interpersonal Justice And Innovative Behaviours: The Role Of The Workgroup", International Journal of Innovation Management, 2020, vol. 24, no. 03, pp. 2050073 2020 Journal article
    ZHANG, C., S. J. HONG, M. OHANA, "The Effects of Guanxi on Supply Chains: The Role of Culture" Forthcoming European J. of International Management 2020 Journal article
    ZHANG, C., S. HONG, M. OHANA, "Measuring guanxi in Sino-Franco buyer and supplier relationships", Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 2019, vol. 38, no. 4, pp. 46-53 2019 Journal article
    ZHANG, C., S.-J.HONG, "Guanxi Culture: How it Affects the Business Model of Chinese Firms" in The China Business Model., Elisabeth Paulet & Chris Rowley Ed., Elsevier, pp. 19-40, 2017 2017 Book chapter
    Teaching domains

    Human Resources Management

    • Organizational behavior


    • Intercultural management
    • International business management

    Operations Management/Supply Chain

    • Lean management
    • Supply chain management
    Research domains

    Cross-Cultural Management

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Supply Chain & Logistics

    Sustainable Development