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Suzhou campus

The opening of the Suzhou campus in 2010 was part of an ongoing policy began in 2003 to develop our activity in China, and more specifically it contributed to the creation of the Institut Franco-Chinois (Franco-Chinese Institute) in partnership with Renmin University of China, one of the country’s top universities founded in Beijing in 1937.

Campus Location and Environment

The campus is situated within the higher education and research district "Dushu Lake Higher Education Town", which houses 24 higher education and research establishments, including the branch campuses of prestigious foreign universities. Under constant development since 1994, it is an innovative business district that provides teaching to 75,000 students, and conducts a research activity via its 5000-strong research faculty.

  • The city of Suzhou

Suzhou is a city of six million inhabitants in the south-east province of Jiangsu, 100 km from Shanghai (one and a half hours by car and thirty minutes by train) marrying a rich history with a strong growth dynamic. In fact, having Special Economic Zone status since the 1980s, it is able to accommodate almost 2000 businesses with foreign participation at its 2 large industrial estates, and continues to attract a great many international investors.

  • Studying in Suzhou

The campus offers a range of courses for Chinese students:

  • The five-year Bachelor-Master programme, created as a result of the cooperation agreement signed with Renmin University of China and the universities of Montpellier 3 and Paris Sorbonne, is for undergraduates at the Renmin University of China which leads to a double degree qualification (French and Chinese Bachelor grade and the award of an L-M-D Master).
  • Selected students from the Programme Grande Ecole can attend for a semester to follow the International Brand Management and Chinese Culture programme.

For Programme Grande Ecole students, the Suzhou campus also represents:

  • A chance to learn Chinese and take part in activities with Chinese students.
  • The opportunity to be in close proximity to Shanghai, China's economic capital.

 Discover the Chinese culture in one of the oldest cities of the Middle Kingdom

  • The Franco-Chinese Institute

Created on 22 October 2010, the Franco-Chinese Institute of Renmin University of China (IFC Renmin) is a joint-degree platform for cooperation and mobility that partners up three French higher education establishments: Université Paul Valéry (Montpellier 3), Université de Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) and Kedge BS with a top Chinese University, Renmin University of China.

The IFC Renmin is the first Chinese-foreign cooperation institute developed with France in the field of human and social sciences in the broadest sense (including finance, economic sciences and management) insofar as the six existing Franco-Chinese institutes cover engineering courses (generalist, aeronautics or nuclear). The Institute was accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education on 27 March 2012.

The Institute is founded on two main principles
  • Collaboration: It is a partnership between two universities and a grande école agreeing to cooperate internationally on a common strategy through a single agreement, with no competitive agenda, merely a desire to collaborate and share resources.
  • Excellence: The Institute targets Chinese students "from the quota" of Renmin University of China, the nation's top-ranking university for human and social sciences and third ranking university for its subject specialisms (economic sciences and management, law, political sciences), which guarantees their academic level (awarded "Very Good" in the national competitive examination).

One of the IFC Renmin's strategic goals is to set up and develop its own research programmes thanks to its growing international faculty with a specialisation. The Institute also organises meetings between Chinese researchers from Renmin University and French researchers.

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