KEDGE Business School: Suzhou campus

The opening of the Suzhou campus in 2010 was part of an ongoing policy which began in 2003 to develop our activity in China, and more specifically to contribute to the creation of the Sino-French Institute in partnership with Renmin University of China, one of the country’s most prestigious universities founded in Beijing in 1937.


Discover KEDGE Suzhou Campus

The Sino-Chinese Institute

Created in October 2010, the Sino-Chinese Institute of the People’s University of China (IFC Renmin) is a partnership between two universities (Paul Valery University in Montpellier 3 and Paris-Sorbonne in Paris IV) and a Grande Ecole (KEDGE Business School) with a Chinese university (the People’s University of China) agreeing to cooperate internationally on a common strategy through a single agreement.  As an integral component of Renmin University, IFC is designed to educate high-potential trilingual Chinese specialists in the fields of finance, economics, management, applied foreign languages and humanities. Exchange programs in bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics are also opened since of 2020. 

The campus is located within the higher education and research district "Dushu Lake Higher Education Town", which houses 24 higher education and research establishments, including the delocalised campuses of prestigious foreign universities. Under constant development since 1994, this district combines teaching (75,000 students) as much as research (5000 teacher-researchers), innovation and businesses.

Campus Suzhou

How to get to Suzhou campus ?

158, Ren’ai Road, Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province


Study Business Management in China: programmes available in Suzhou

  • Around the Higher Education town (loops around Ren’ai Lu, library, sports centre, and student accommodation) - free 888 bus
  • Suzhou Train Station – No. 178 or2
  • SIP Train Station – No. 115
  • Suzhou North Bus Station – No. 812
  • Suzhou South Bus Station – No. 16
  • Central Suzhou city –No. 178, 142 or 146
  • Times Square and InCity Mall – No. 812 or 120
  •  Auchan –No. 142 or 146

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes:

  • The five-year Bachelor-Master's programme, created as a result of the cooperation agreement is for undergraduates at the Renmin University of China which leads to a double degree qualification (French and Chinese Bachelor grade and the award of an L-M-D Master).

Selected students from the Programme Grande Ecole can join the International Brand Management and Chinese Culture programme for a semester. For them, it represents:

  • A chance to learn Chinese and take part in activities with Chinese students.
  • The opportunity to be in close proximity to Shanghai, China's economic capital.

The City of Suzhou

Home to 6 million inhabitants, Suzhou is located in the south-eastern province of Jiangsu at 100 km northwest of Shanghai (1.5 hours by car and 30 minutes by train).  The city combines historical heritage and dynamic growth. Its special Economic Zone status since the early 1980s allows it to house nearly 2,000 businesses many from overseas.

Life in Suzhou as an international student

Places to visit and top tips for students

Shopping and Dining

  • Wenxing Plaza: a large central paved area on Ren'ai Lu that's surrounded by shops and eateries on one side and a multi-story building on the other. If you fancy more Western style food then there is always Café 85° (a bakery) or KFC (as a last resort?). For a more authentic Chinese student dining experience, head inside the Plaza to the buffet style canteen. Here a meal can cost as little as 10 RMB, although don’t expect high quality—students are, after all, more interested in quantity.
  • Hanlin Neighborhood Centre: carry on down Ren'ai Lu towards the Scholars Garden Apartments on Linquan Jie if you are looking for a more diverse shopping experience. Here you can find a range of well-priced, non-branded clothing shops. Like Wenxing Plaza, there are Western dining options such as McDonalds as well as a local bakery that sells hot baguettes.
  • Wenhui Plaza: similar to Wenxing, Wenhui Plaza features a broad range of shops, as well as two small supermarkets and a student type canteen where fried rice costs a mere 8 RMB. Several fruit shops, a couple of hairdressers, bakery, juice shop and a pizza place pretty much wrap up the rest of WenHui Plaza.
  • Moon Bay: a new development very close to the southern end of Dushu Lake on Qiyue Jie complete with a coffee shop, Papa John’s Pizza, Thinkers Bar (serving international beer on tap), and a range of other restaurants.


For film buffs there is the Suzhou Dushu Lake Theatre with two cinemas, 3D films and reasonable prices (40 RMB). Check that films are being shown in English first.

Want to get active? Visit the Dushu Lake Sports Center with a swimming pool, tennis courts, rock climbing and much more.

However if you rather enjoy the green spaces of the city then head to Egret Park on the south-eastern shores of Lake Dushu. A leisurely stroll can take you from Moon Bay north along the lake edge to the library (~2km).

Living in Suzhou as a student

Suzhou is a large student city with more than 75,000 Chinese and international students and 28 universities.

Through the university, there are two kinds of housings you can choose:

On-campus housing.

Off-campus housing: due to the limited space on campus, students can also choose to live off-campus. Student can find information through rental agencies, or check newspaper/online advertisements or notice boards.

As well as Suzhou, KEDGE has four main campuses in France offering international academic courses in MarseilleToulon , Paris and Bordeaux