Sustainable & inclusive development: KEDGE IMPAKT

With 14,800 students, KEDGE is responsible for future generations. Sustainable and inclusive development is at the heart of the school's vision, with a strong focus on the future. KEDGE is determined to train and empower "positive changemakers" who can create the worlds of tomorrow and build a better future.

The school joined the Global Compact initiative in 2005, and became a pioneer of social and environmental responsibility. In 2007, a dedicated committee was created and a strategic plan was developed to address environmental and social issues. Since 2015, KEDGE has aligned its approach with the United Nations' international programme: the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, we received the Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility label for higher education (SD&SR label). 

In 2021, KEDGE adopted its 2025 strategy in line with this long-term commitment: sustainability and inclusiveness will be two of its five key pillars and the school is committed to being an original, sustainable and inclusive school. Therefore, KEDGE commits to:

  • being a creative, adventurous and flexible school which is driven by innovation and experimentation.
  • engaging with its stakeholders (students, employees, teachers-researchers, partners, etc.) through an openinded approach to the future.
  • contributing to the social and ecological transformation of higher education along with other schools.

For the past 15 years, an annual report has been published on the progress of all our stakeholders' actions: the Sustainable Development Report.


In order to make this promise a reality, KEDGE has adopted the KEDGE IMPAKT strategy to be implemented over the next 4 years. This systemic strategy is based on three pillars covering all of its activities as well as the student's careers:

  • Care for People: Be open to everybody and committed to a more inclusive society
  • Act for the planet: Improve our environmental impact for preserving the climate and biodiversity
  • Innovate for tomorrow: Reinvent our business models and trainings to accelerate the ecological and social transition

Building and implementing KEDGE IMPAKT's strategy together 

The school has created a dedicated committee, the IMPAKT committee. It brings together KEDGE's Executive Committee, the Sustainability and Impact Director and the Dean for Inclusiveness on a quarterly basis. The internal networks of students, staff and professors also contribute to co-building and implementing the strategy.

Our actions and performance are measured, monitored and reported

KEDGE has chosen the Positive Impact Rating (a benchmark assessment of the impact and positive influence of schools on society made by students) as a global performance indicator. The school has set a goal to move from level 3 "Progressing schools" in 2020 to level 5 "Pioneering schools" in 2025, and join the top 10 institutions worldwide.