Positive Impact Rating for business schools : KEDGE recognised by students worldwide

KEDGE has been recognized for having a positive impact on society by the Positive Impact Rating for business school. Launched for the first time in Davos in 2020, this is one of the recent initiatives that have enabled the younger generations to speak out and express their expectations regarding the challenges of climate change and the need for social justice.

KEDGE, a school committed to Sustainable Development and CSR

KEDGE Impakt, the school's CSR strategy, is at the heart of our KEDGE25 strategy. That’s why KEDGE participated actively in creating the Positive Impact Rating for business schools.

We use the Positive Impact Rating as a Meta indicator for all CSR projects at KEDGE, being the only business school to have placed this indicator at this level within the heart of our strategy. 

The Positive Impact Rating, a lever for "collaborative" change

The Positive Impact Rating objective is to follow the gradual transformation of management schools towards greater integration of the Sustainable Development Goals into their strategy.

 The impact on society of each school is measured in 3 areas:

  • Dynamisation: how governance and culture drive the school forward as perceived by its students 
  • Education : the fundamental role of a school in preparing students to become responsible leaders 
  • Engagement : reflects the school's active commitment to earning the trust of students and society, but also its status as a respected public citizen. 

And further divided into 7 dimensions:

  • Governance 
  • Culture, 
  • Programs,
  • Learning methods, 
  • Student support, 
  • Role model of the institution,
  • And Public Engagement. 

KEDGE's 2021 Positive Impact Rating results

For this second edition, students from 47 higher education institutions located on four continents and in 21 countries participated in the survey, 3 times more than in 2020. This high level of interest shows that even in a moment of a health crisis, students are very concerned about the impact of their schools. 

The Positive Impact Rating for business schools has a dual purpose: it is an evaluation tool and ato to develop the school’s strategy. This year we improved by 0.5 points in all areas and reached level 3 (improving: demonstrated results in some impact dimensions) with 7.1 out of 10. Our goal for 2025: to reach level 5 with 9 out of 10.

KEDGE Impakt at the heart of our KEDGE25 strategy

Our project called KEDGE Impakt is based on 5 stakes :

  • Strategy & governance: the Impakteurs network, a very high level of mobilization on CSR, with 80+ employees deploying the CSR strategy on a daily basis in their jobs, and a future appropriation by the entire KEDGE community.
  • Teaching: sustainable development at the heart of our teaching to train tomorrow's responsible managers
  • Research: Sustainable Development & CSR, Kedge has the largest CSR research center in France and one of the best in Europe
  • Environment: Climate & Biodiversity, the school's ambition is to reach net zero emissions by 2030 and to have a positive impact on the biodiversity of our territories
  • Social policy & inclusiveness: Disability, gender parity and social openness, KEDGE is a school that fights against all forms of discrimination.