International Trade & Logistics

Master the commercial and strategic challenges of transport & logistics in an international environment

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A global vision of transport & logistics - KEDGE

A global vision of transport & logistics

Recognised as the leading French training institution in international trade with a unique focus on the maritime industry, this MSc celebrates 60 years of expertise in the fields of logistics and business optimisation. It draws its strength from deep links with the corporate world, its history and the quality of its teaching. International dimension is the cornerstone of this programme which is constructed in partnership with AFTRAL to enable students to manage international and strategic questions related to transport, supply chain, storage, customs, IT… This MSc offers a global approach that enables students to develop key skills in three areas: International Trade, International Transport and Logistics.

Why choose this programme?

A global vison

The triple-sectoral approach -international trade, logistics, transport- is in line with the current needs and challenges of international-focused companies.

Focus on experiential learning and case studies

  • 70% of lecturers are leading practising professionals in their industry.
  • Industry conferences and fiel visits to develop an operational and practical vision.
  • Case studies, individual projects and group works presented in front of professional panels.

Study Trip at Rotterdam Port

Discover the different jobs and structures of Rotterdam Port with the understanding of international logistic issues.

Personalised coaching

Practising professionals support students throughout their projects and thesis and help them build up their professional profile and personal network.

Corporate Project

Corporate Projects enable participants to gain valuable hands-on experience of business conduct and strategy and deal with the practical complexities of decisionmaking processes. Students are guided by both their Corporate mentor and their KEDGE Business School tutor.

Our corporate partners for our MSc courses include CMA CGM, Gemalto and Seafoodexport, as well as a range of SMBs with a strong international focus.

Partnership with the French Foreign Trade Advisors (Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur Français) leading to certification

The Certificat des Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur (CCEF) is delivered during training, offering students:
- formal recognition from international experts
- access to a global network of 4,300 professional members in 146 countries

Skills developed


Develop a holistic view of the key operational and strategic issues and challenges in international trade.


Become proficient in business strategies related to global logistics, from penetrating foreign markets to managing physical and information flows. Integrate digitalisation techniques in operations management.


  • Develop transversal skills to design and drive development strategies for a company or production units in an international environment
  • Manage human, operational and financial resources involved  in the international logistic channel


Learn and practice skills in intercultural negotiation, international marketing and “door-to-door” flow management (from the supplier to the end customer).

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