MSc, Master of Science Digital Marketing & Sales

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Eduniversal 2024 French Ranking - Digital Marketing & e-commerce category


Best Masters 2024 ranking - E-business and digital marketing category

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From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bachelor's degree - 4 years, Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)




MSc, Master of Science


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September 2024




Eduniversal 2024 French Ranking - Digital Marketing & e-commerce category


Best Masters 2024 ranking - E-business and digital marketing category

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MSc Digital Marketing & Sales

New professions and practices are emerging in the digital era, creating a need for relevant, comprehensive training. In this environment, skills quickly change and disciplines are increasingly specialised. Accordingly, companies need flexibility and agility more than ever before.

KEDGE Business School’s Master of Science Banking & Finance is a double degree programme. It delivers a Master of Science accredited by the conférence des grandes écoles (CGE) and a diploma recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education.
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campus of Marseille

Nicolas Buttafoghi

Head of the MSc Digital Marketing & Sales

A state-of-the-art digital programme fuelled by innovation and market demand

The degree in Digital Marketing and Sales prepares professionals to work in a constantly evolving digital ecosystem by focusing on the development of agility and responsiveness. Its course content (which includes an e-commerce component) combines strategy, technique, design, digital marketing and e-commerce performance, creating a programme in line with market needs and upskilling professionals to help drive innovation.

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France

Key points

To give our students a thorough understanding, we offer a breadth of training across the following key learning areas:
• Technical
• Design
• Digital Marketing

We support this with a variety of options to let students immerse themselves in real-life projects and case studies to further enhance the development of emerging technical skills.

Our main priority is to train professionals who will be considered ‘experts’ in this field to boost their employment following completion of the course. For this, we take a unique approach that brings together:
• a combination of professional skills
• advanced academic expertise
• a strong network of start-ups
• major digital players from across industry

Recognised professional certifications for even greater credibility
We encourage students to earn Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications to further develop their skills in the digital field.

To support students taking the programme in Digital Marketing and Sales, we offer a course predominantly focused on the job market. One key component of this approach is to encourage students to attend a variety of different events and take advantage of work placement opportunities. These events are the perfect place for students to start building up a professional network of contacts and include opportunities like:
- prospective conferences around the topics of machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things
- study trips
- bootcamps (intensive seminars focused on one specific digital topic, such as web development)
- work meetings
- project consultant opportunities
- hackathon
- case of disintegration.

This digital marketing course was partly defined by a close collaboration with companies such as Oxatis, French Tech Aix-Marseille Kaporal and Dentsu, and is supported by the likes of Digitick, The Wagon, Private Sale, Digital Virgo, etc. The involvement of these companies guarantees students learn the cutting edge, advanced operational skills they need to thrive in the industry.

KEDGE Business School's Master of Science (MSc) in Digital Marketing & Sales is closely integrated with the local business environment. As such, our students have the opportunity to participate in French Tech Aix-Marseille (2nd in France), as well as benefit from this incubator-like environment to boost the success of future entrepreneurial endeavours.

Skills developed during the MSc programme in Digital Marketing & Sales

Graduates are guided on how to analyse the socio-technical, socio-economic and socio-cultural context of markets. They will be shown how to design integrated, multi-channel digital plans that take into account the overarching business environment.

Our students learn how to manage technical, editorial and marketing teams by developing a variety of motivational and team-building skills, as well as transversal approaches that all disciplines will respond to.

To successfully manage any kind of e-commerce requires specific knowledge that our graduates master from end to end. Payments, KPI implementation and analyses, M-commerce, cross-channel marketing and supply chain management are all key areas of study.

All the students from our Master of Science (MSc) in Digital Marketing programme finish the course as masters of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

From creation to management and implementation of analytical tools, our students master all aspects of creation and management of a website. They are also equipped to manage and analyse their site’s activity once it’s live on the web.

KEDGE Business School Digital Marketing & Sales Master of Science (MSc) is a complete course training professional experts in their chosen field, while maintaining a degree of versatility. Well known in the industry, this Masters helps students boost student employability both nationally and internationally.

Why study Digital Marketing & Sales?

With a highly professional approach, the MSc Digital Marketing and Sales, gives students a comprehensive view of management in the digital field. Through this programme, students will be able to engage with partners, clients, and prospects using a common language and understanding their business challenges.

Moreover, they will have all the tools to feel comfortable in the digital sector with autonomy over the main differentiating factors in businesses.

Finally, for students wishing to start their own business selling products or services, the MSc DMS equips them to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure with the digital implementation of their future business.